Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sam Bradley's Beautiful Soul

My good friend and Examiner, Amanda Bell-God love her-has yet another amazing interview. This time she spoke with Sam Bradley, co-author with Robert Pattinson of 'Never Think' from the Twilight movie/soundtrack.

I asked Sam what inspired him to become a musician. Quite candidly, he stated that he draws a lot of his inspiration from his close friend Marcus Foster. Says Bradley, “It was a few things . . . Marcus Foster is a big inspiration because he was always, he started playing music really young, and I’ve sort of admired him. . . . I started late, but I always love listening to him and watching him.” Adds Bradley, there was a, “and kind of, in the healthy sort of way, competitive thing as well. I wanted to be as good as him. I wanted to be able to do it with him.” Another very personal source of inspiration to Bradley, says he, is “also my mum. She’s a singer/song-writer as well.”

I asked Sam if there was a point that he might be able to think of when he could take a step back and say “I’ve done what I wanted to do.” Beautifully put, Sam said

You mean, when I’d feel accomplished? In my life, I don’t really. I’d really like to think or hope that that day won’t come, especially musically… I mean, on a personal level, when I have a beautiful wife and children and a great family, you know, then I will, maybe then, on a personal level, have everything I’ve dreamed about, but I don’t think musically that day will ever come. I want to just keep creating, and I don’t think I’ll ever write my best song.
Though Sam Bradley may never write his best song, he does have a favorite, thus far. “Pretty Boy,” which “noone’s heard . . . yet,” says Sam, will be on the album he is currently completing.

When I asked Sam to pick one word to describe his personality, he said “hopeful. I like hopeful.” I also asked him if there was a question he’d yet to hear in an interview that he’d like to, he said “What’s my shoe size?” The answer? “Twelve,” he says with a clever chuckle.

You can check out the rest of Amanda's interview here and be sure to stop by Sam's MySpace page, add him as a friend and show him some love.

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