Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marcus Foster talks music, dreams and friends

The Twilight Examiner, Amanda Bell, gives us another terrific interview as she chats with Marcus Foster, co-author with Bobby Long of 'Let Me Sign' from the Twilight Soundtrack. Here are few tidbits...

To the talented and smooth-sounding singer, guitarist, and pianist, inspiration came when he "started out by playing piano." Says Marcus, "[at] about six or seven, I would learn songs my parents were playing me like the Beatles and Nina Simone. Eventually I began to learn guitar and started playing in blues clubs near where my dad lived. I discovered Tom Waits and he inspired me to write my own songs." It is some those same artists that continue to influence Marcus Foster to this very day. Says he, of his most prominent current influences, "[i]t changes all the time but Tom Waits and [Bob] Dylan are a constant influence."

As for his relationship with long-time friends Bobby Long, Sam Bradley (who co-authored "Never Think" from the soundtrack as well), and Twilight star Robert Pattinson, Marcus says "I went to school with Rob and Sam, and I have known Bobby for a few years now," and "they are my boys!" Clearly, their friendship still runs deep amidst the swarm of goings-on that would threaten to separate even the closest of friends.

Despite all of the Twilight stardom that has come upon Rob, Foster says "it's pretty crazy. It hasn't changed him at all. I'm proud."

Foster, who has a sense of humor akin in genuineness and solidarity to that of Pattinson, Long, and Bradley, said that his biggest dream is "to catch a really big fish." Clever, that one. When I challenged him to describe his personality in a word, Foster said, "I can't think of one word," and then finished by suggesting "indecisive?"

Marcus Foster closed with a warm message for his fans, saying that he hopes that they enjoy his music, to watch out for an up-coming EP to become available on iTunes and the web, and that he is "looking forward to [his] American tour." We are, too, Marcus Foster.

For the rest of Amanda's interview, click here.

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