Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twilight Stars deals with Paparazzi

An actors dream is to do a movie that's really successful and make Hollywood take notice, the down side.....PAPARAZZI!!

'Twilight' Stars Lament The 'Unavoidable' Paparazzi
'You really have to
pay attention to what you look like when you leave your house,' Edi Gathegi
By Larry Carroll

A year ago, they were young actors
with few credits, traveling to Portland to shoot a low-budget vampire film with
an indie director. This week, they're returning to Vancouver as A-listers,
filming one of the most eagerly anticipated sequels of the year.
has finally taken notice of the stars of "Twilight" — and so have the dreaded
"It's kind of bizarre," Ashley Greene told us over the weekend,
discussing the
that popped up all over the Web recently — some even dissecting their beverage selections as they began "New Moon" pre-production.
"We would walk out of our hotel, and there would be people there taking
pictures, and the [headline] would be, like, 'Jackson and Ashley Get Coffee!'
It's new."
According to Edi Gathegi, there might even be a double agent in
the midst of the "Twilight" stars, leaking details about their movements. "There
is a mole, and the mole is feeding information," Gathegi marveled, remembering
recent pictures of
the group flying out of Vancouver last week. "[The paparazzi]
took pictures of every single one of us leaving the airport! It's like, how are
they getting this information?"
event inside Beverly Hills, California, shop Kitson
this past Saturday, paparazzi were all over the sidewalk. One photographer was
seen driving with his right hand and simultaneously pointing his camera out the
window with his left. Another, parked in a red zone, dropped the flatbed portion
of his truck, stood on it and quickly snapped photos of Rachelle Lefevre, Kellan
Lutz and Greene before speeding off.
"You know what? They are so much more
polite in Canada," Greene observed, comparing her recent interactions. "I think
that everyone in Canada is more polite, and the paparazzi are even polite to
you. It's kind of bizarre.
"They were even like, 'Do you mind if we take a
picture?' " Greene remembered of one group of photographers.
"They'll let
you fix your eye makeup first," Lefevre agreed.
"A year later, it's starting
to hit me how huge this thing is," Gathegi said of all the attention sure to
surround them as they reconvene on the "New Moon" set this week. "You really
have to pay attention to what you look like when you leave your house, because
you will be up on a blog site within minutes."
The celebrity stalkings have
gotten so bad, in fact, that some "Twilight" stars have decided to fight back.
"It's funny. Edi and myself — because they have been up there and they have
really been [following] us — we've been messing with them," Kellan Lutz said of
recent pictures that include him
taking photos of the photographers. "It's great; we have been
doing some pranks on them. I can't really share any, but a lot of the pictures
are planned."
"Click, click, click," Gathegi mimicked, saying he can't even
go to the store in Vancouver without hearing the increasingly familiar noise.
"And they try to be slick about it. They'll have it in a bag, they're looking at
you, and the second you turn around? Click. My ex-girlfriend called me and was
like, 'This is a little weird now. I'm looking at my favorite blog site, and
you're up there. What's happening?' Well, it's weird for me too."
"There is
having your picture taken nicely at an event, and then there is having your
picture taken at 5 in the morning in front of Starbucks when you're not even
awake," Lefevre explained of the stars' current, increasingly tumultuous
relationship with the paparazzi. "I think the truth is that it's unavoidable. If
we could cultivate some sort of a mutual respect, that would be ideal. But
somehow, that doesn't seem like it's gonna go down."

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