Friday, March 27, 2009

Sam Bradley: his music, Rob & the Twilight phenomenon

Celebuzz got a great interview with Robert Pattinson's good friend and "Never Think" co-writer, Sam Bradley. Here are a few bits and pieces.

His good friend since the age of 12, Robert Pattinson was in attendance. Although Pattinson remained out-of-sight from the general public during the show, his presence was certainly felt by Bradley.

"Every time I made a mistake, I kept looking over," Bradley tells Celebuzz. "At one point I walked off-stage and just started laughing." Bradley was playing the cover of "Man's World" by James Brown, ran into some problems and left the stage to pick up his folder. He looked up at Pattinson hanging out in the stage wings, out-of-sight. "I just started laughing," says Bradley. "And he was just smiling back."

It's been quite a journey from a late-night music sessions that led to "Never Think", to Rob bringing it to the attention of the Twilight film-makers once he landed the part of Edward Cullen. "I remember I was walking to a gas station to use the bathroom," says Sam. "And I got a phone call from Rob saying a lawyer is going to call you in a second. The song is going in the soundtrack. I was crossing my legs and skipping. I guess I was skipping about both reasons."

"I'm very lucky to be part of this phenomena," he says. "And they don't want me to take my clothes off."

As for the Cullen boy that many would like to see without clothes, Bradley says, "There's no formula for handling this. But he's handling it very well."

Head on over to their site to read the rest.

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