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Robert Pattinson's Moviefone Interview - Part Dos

More goods from our favorite guy, Robert Pattinson, in the 2nd part of his Moviefone interview. I hope you don't mind if I add a comment or two?

How was filming 'Little Ashes,' which is such a small production, compared to doing the 'Twilight' movies?

I kind of like small productions 'cause there's not so much waiting around. And it's strange, there are little things on 'Little Ashes,' like we didn't have stand-ins, so we'd just kind of sit or stand around the set, which I initially found kind of bizarre but after a while it's great, because you can just kind of stay in character the whole time. And also you can be much more a part of the set up of the shot, so I kind of liked that. I don't know, it was, I would say, a very different energy. [But] there's not a huge amount of difference, really. You're just inside your head anyway most of the time, so you don't really notice stuff. I'd love to be inside that head for awhile.

I read that you were really nervous about filming the nude scenes and the explicit scenes, how did you prepare yourself for those?

[Laughs] I had so many ridiculous answers just come into my head [more laughs]. I had a penis implant! I don't know, I just kind of, it's funny because Spanish people are so ... have no problem with nudity at all, I mean at all, and English people obviously do have, like, the most enormous problem with it. It's like little things, like when I saw my father getting changed for swimming I got, like, traumatized by it ... I don't really know what I did, I just kind of freaked out a bit. [Laughs] Hmmmm...somehow I doubt a penis implant was necessary.

You were playing a real person -- how did that affect your preparation? Did you study up a lot on Dali?

Yeah, I mean it's nice. There are certain things like studying photos. I never really concentrated on my body in a performance before, well not to such an extent, and there were tons and tons of photos of him and he had quite strange posturing ... There was one photo where he's pointing at something, and I guess it's quite nice, and I was trying to figure out "How do you point like that?" Then you realize "Oh, shit. You get your arm and ohhh..." and suddenly it clicks into place. And then when you realize you're walking right and stuff, and people -- Spanish people! -- know who you're playing, without the moustache, they know immediately just by looking in your eyes, it's very satisfying. I like the idea of that; I'd quite like to do it again. And I'm always quite attracted to playing real people. No need to concentrate on your body, bb, we do that for you.

What has been your craziest fan experience?

There was one quite weird thing, I was in a Blockbuster the other day, and I hadn't realized it was the day the ['Twilight'] DVD was coming out, and there were these two -- no one recognized me in that place -- and there were these two 8-year-old girls who turned up with their parents. They were picking up their preordered DVDs, and they were just shaking and crying just because they got their DVD. I thought that was pretty incredible, I hadn't seen anything like that before ... I mean, I have when it's in person, when it's meeting me. But just to pick up a DVD, that was kind of crazy. Yeah, I admit that if, by the grace of GOD, I ever run into you, I'll most definitely be shaking and probably crying, but...I will try to respect the human being that you are and the anonimity that you so rightfully deserve. TRY being the operative word here!

Would you do full-frontal nudity like Daniel Radcliffe did?

I think it would depend on what it is. Yeah, it really does depend on what it is. And I don't think a lot of people would really want to see that. I think it would ruin the illusion. [Laughs] Ummm...Yeah..No, I can honestly say that it will most definitely NOT ruin the illusion. Are ya with me girls?

[Source: Moviefone]

Robert Pattinson leaving Bella's House

After filming the breakup scene all night an appreciative Robert Pattinson stopped to greet fans outside the set of Bella's house. You can visit RobPatzzNews for a slideshow of these and other pics. So yummy!

Important Message from Bobby Long

Blog post from Bobby Long:

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Merchandise Note dont buy at CAFE PRESS

Hey just wanted to quickly say that CAFE PRESS are selling merchandise with my name on it but its nothing to do with me. Please dont buy anything cos someone is munipulating me and any buyer. Were gonna get them closed down asap as their using my name for a cheap buck so if you could get this spread around it will stop anyone giving their money to someone taking the piss.

I will be selling merchandise but i will personally tell you where from asap.

Oh also those waiting on cds from pre-orders will get them soon in a bit of a muddle but were doing our best to get them to you asap.



The Very Young, Toe Headed Robert Pattinson


Don't Rob From Rob!

On behalf of my Sisters, I would like to give a shoutout to Gozde at Robsessed for her amazing work. She keeps me entertained at work on the daily. Shhh, don't tell my bosses.

Along with the shoutout, I need to offer up an enormous HALE YES! amd climb right up on that soapbox with her regarding the leak of How to Be on the internets. PEOPLE. People, people, people. Look, I understand. I'm as impatient as the next rabid fangirl person for this movie. I can't wait until I can indulge in 85 delicious minutes of RobArt.

HOWEVER, I am not going to stoop so low as to steal from Rob and everyone else who put such hard work and effort into this film. Please remember, this is an independent film shot on a shoestring budget and let's be honest, the only reason it's getting any mainstream attention at all is because Rob is now a supahstar.

Now, I know you're dying of anticipation. And maybe you missed a screening, or perhaps there wasn't one in your area? Never fear, we've got you covered. Or at least IFC Direct On Demand does. Check it out. Revel in the amazingness that is awkward, British RobArt from the privacy of your own home. Don't live in the US? Well, you lucky Brits will be able to hold the DVD in your hot little hands in just TWO WEEKS. I am jealous.

So the moral of the story is: let's not be selfish fans. Ok? Mmkay. In the words of the great Eric Yorkie: chillax.

Stealing makes Rob sad.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bobby Long, Marcus Foster & 100Monkeys to Share the Night

Bobby Long and Marcus Foster, who will be performing together at this summer's TwiCon event in Dallas, Texas, have recently made an adjustment to their schedule on July 31st at Poor David's Pub.

Now, the two will be performing with Bobby Long coming on at 6:30 p.m. and Marcus Foster on at 7:45 p.m. Afterwards, fans of the two will be able to meet-and-greet Bobby Long and Marcus Foster right after Foster's portion is complete.

The change was made in order to accomodate fans of Twilight star Jackson Rathbone's band 100 Monkeys, which will be playing on the same night - later in the night, now - at a different venue. How considerate!

Thanks, Amanda, for the heads up, I'm sure lot's of Twilight fans will be pleased know they can catch them all in one night without missing a beat!

Hugh Jackman thinks Rob should open with Snoop Dogg?

Source: ROBsessed

Cam named his baby!

Twilight baddie Cam Gigandet has named the baby daughter that his girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff had on April 14th. Just Jared Jr. exclusively reports that the new addition to the family has been named Everleigh Ray Gigandet.

What do you think???

Source: New Moon The Movie

Rob: One of People Magazine's most beautiful people

If you ask me, he's the most beautiful but I'm happy he made the list at all.

The Twilight star, 22, says he doesn’t quite understand his heartthrob status – or the fuss about his signature tousled do. “I don’t get it. It’s funny, you look the same for years and no one ever mentions it. Then suddenly it’s a big deal.”

Source: New Moon Movie

Flava Flav is in the House!

Flava Flav is in the House!!
First of all this is NON-TWILIGHT related but its music therefore I will share! Last night Flava Flav made an appearance at the 24K Lounge. If you're not familiar with Flava he's one of the founding members of Public Enemy and most recently VH-1 reality star of Surreal Life and Flava of Love. Flav sat in on the jam session with 100Monkey member Jerad Anderson (Ben Graupner played with Sandman and even though Ben Johnson did make an appearance he did not perform) as well as 3 free style rappers.
In all the madness that surrounds Flava Flav you can not deny the man is talented. Just watching him play drums for 20 mins I was in awe. I was never into Public Enemy so I never understood the fascination but feel the energy radiating as he played was simply amazing. Unfortunately, I did not have a change to speak with Flava because he was whisked away to the VIP section but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Tonight the 100Monkeys will play at the King Kings in Hollywood. If you're in the area please stop by its their last L.A. show for at least 1 month. Had to include some shots of Jerad Anderson playing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rob's Human Shield

Lainey Gossip reports that Brooke Shields joined Rob, Kristen, Rachelle and assorted other cast members at a Vancouver bar last night. Apparently Rob was approached by some fans at one point in the night. When they kept him a bit too long, Brooke stepped in to save him. "Excuse me, I need to take him now."

Cute. :) Thanks Mama Shields for protecting my bb Rob from over-zealous fans!

Lainey also reports that they will continue shooting the break up scene tonight. Good luck with the heartfail, guys!

Tribeca Film Festival 2009: Kate Hudson directs Kristen Stewart Reports:

Since not everyone can experience the downtown Manhattan hootenanny known as the Tribeca Film Festival in person, the folks at said fest have arranged for four short films to be available at the YouTube Screening Room. One of these shorties is Cutlass, a 16-minute interlude written and directed by Kate Hudson. It stars Kristen Stewart, Virginia Madsen, Dakota Fanning, Kurt Russell, and Chevy Chase, and it's a devastatingly heartwarming story of the lifelong bond parents share with their children...when they buy stuff. Okay, fine. Perhaps I'm being a tad glib. Here's the story: Madsen plays a mom whose daughter (Fanning) covets a $1,200 vintage guitar, which reminds her of the time her 1970s self (Stewart) convinced her pops (Russell) to help her buy her very first car from a man named Stan (Chase). The production value is sky-high -- check out the lighting on Stewart in particular; girl looks gorgeous! -- and obviously, Hudson has a leg-up on most first-time filmmakers when it comes to casting famous folks.

Click below and judge for yourself how Goldie's little girl did in her first time at the helm. What do you think of Hudson's final, shall we say, message, as spoken by Madsen: "Whatever makes you happy makes me happy. And money is no object...if you're buying." Ill-timed consumerist fantasy during a recession or sweet musings on the joys of parenting?

Source: EW

Jackson Rathbone talks Tattoos

I have a weakness for HOT guys, HOT guys who play the guitar and HOT guys with tattoos. Jackson Rathbone talks to Inked Magazine and talks tatts, now I have a new crush on Mr. Rathbone! This seems like an old interview with Jackson Rathbone but I decided to post it anyway.
What kind of shenanigans did you guys get into?Remember the prohibition era? It was kind of like that.

Did you have a speakeasy in your dorm room?Let's just say we had a lot of alcohol on the premises that we weren't supposed to have. We kept whiskey in shampoo bottles and vodka in conditioner bottles. A few of my friends were actually expelled.

You're in a band too, called 100 Monkeys. So who's wilder-the 100 Monkeys groupies or the Twilight groupies?We're just so happy to have fans at all. The 100 Monkeys fans are wild-one of my band mates once got molested in a bathroom after a show. The Twilight fans are so amazing-they're always asking me to sign stuff, like their faces, or their cell phones. I'm like, I don't want to de-face your cell phone! And I especially don't want to de-face your face.

Are you signed on for the next Twilight movie, New Moon?Wait, there's another one? [Laughs.] Just kidding. Yes, I'm on board. I actually go up to Toronto to start training in a few days.

What other tattoos do you plan on getting?I'd love to get the Rathbone family crest on my back-it would take up my whole back. Our motto is "Suaviter et Fortiter," which means "nicely, but firmly." My dad always taught me that you've got to give respect to get respect, and you've got to give love to get love. Makes sense, right?

Robert Pattinson wanted to give up acting?!

Found this article on Just Jared, where the director of 'How To Be' says Robert Pattinson almost gave up acting.

Robert Pattinson gets the giggles as he holds onto a basketball in this new still from his new flick, How To Be.How To Be is a dark comedy where the 22-year-old
British actor plays a quirky twenty-something musician on the verge of a quarter-life crisis that ends up spending his entire inheritance on a live-in life coach. Director Oliver Irving shared about hiring Rob for the role, saying, “Rob was thinking of giving up acting but wanted to try out an indie film where he could get into a character.”
Source: Just Jared

Peter Facinelli talks about filming New Moon

Peter Faninelli talks with People Magazine about filming New Moon.

Twilight's Peter Facinelli, who will reprise his role as the bloodsucking
father figure Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the sequel New Moon, could get used to the
life of a vampire – at least when it comes to the hours they keep. "I love night
shoots. Everybody else is [tired] by like two, three in the morning, which is
weird because I'm the old guy!" Facinelli tells PEOPLE at the Los Angeles
premiere of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past on Monday night. "They should be the ones
that should be like party hardy all night long," jokes the 35-year-old of his
young costars including Robert Pattinson, 22,
Kristen Stewart, 19, and 17-year-old Taylor Lautner. "At five
in the morning I was like, 'I could go another 10 hours!' And they were like,
'Crash!' " Also up for around-the-clock action: fans, who have been camping out
on the Vancouver set despite the less-than-welcoming weather. "The first [film]
we were just hoping people went to see it. We knew there were diehard fans and
those are the ones we're like, 'Let's make a good movie for [them],' but we
didn't know the diehard fans were going to explode into the amount that they
did," he says. But the father of three insists he's nothing but grateful for the
fan-demonium. "I feel loved by so many fans, like I went to Disneyland the other
day, and I took like 100 pictures just walking like 10 feet … you want to give
back to them." Next up, Facinelli will play another kind of doctor in Nurse
Jackie, a Showtime dramady debuting in June. How did he prepare to play the
"quirky" character, who inappropriately grabs costar Edie Falco? "I did do a
whole class on boob grabbing!" he says with a laugh. What did wife Jennie Garth
think about that? He teases, "[I told her], 'You're my test subject!' "

The Examiner Shares her Experiences with Bobby Long & Sam Bradley

Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner, was blessed to spend a couple evenings with Bobby Long & Sam Bradley while in Nashville last week. Let's listen in to the excitement and entertainment of the nights, as well as, the respect and pride these two amazing men share for each other.

Walking into 3rd and Lindsley on the first night of their shared performance, the atmosphere of the entire place is decadent with peace and adoration. Hundreds of fans sit and stand in awe of the powerful radiance on-stage as Bobby Long strums his fingers across the strings and propels the inertia of his soul with the voice of each song. Between pieces, gentle anecdotes and off-the-cuff quips about his love of performance and the gratitude of his circumstance put smiles on the faces and warmth into the hearts of all within earshot.

Long explains that when he was introduced to Sam, Robert Pattinson, and Marcus Foster by Phil Taylor, he was nervous because the three had a long-standing friendship dating back to their schooldays. Yet, says Bobby, he was welcomed to the group without incident, and they have been close ever since. When Mark shows interest in the fact that Sam and Bobby have not always been musicians, yet they are quite skilled and disciplined, Long explains, “I just looked at the guitar and said, ‘I will play you.’” Continues Long, “it’s a weird sort of work ethic. As soon as I’m done with one show, it’s like all I can think about is tomorrow - the next one.” Sealed with a sturdy embrace, Long and Bradley make their way back inside.

Long tells me of the precariousness of a performing artist’s mindset. Says he, “it’s like your brain is split in two. On the one side,” he says placing his hand above his left eye, “you’re concentrating on the words, the notes of the song and your performance, and on the other,” pulling his hand to the right, “you’re watching the crowd, seeing their reactions, and hoping they’re enjoying your work.”

Cool and collected, Sam Bradley has his game face on. Explaining that he wants to start with one that is not his favorite, he begins with “You Think You’re Free,” and has his audience captivated from the start. With subtle coordination, the next song, “Whiskey,” is accompanied with a readied hand to bring him a glass of the same by his friend. The laughter and smiles take hold of the place, and Bradley is no exception. He treats the crowd with a surprise song that he never plays, but which he claims is available on Reverb Nation, “Paradise.” His fans are unabashedly thrilled. Before performing his song “Too Far Gone,” Bradley tells the audience that “the girl that this was written about called me today. She saw me on TV. Now she wants to talk.” As the audience chimes in to fill the space where Bradley’s words would be, he smiles with accomplished delight and simply says, “it’s magic.” Bradley also takes the crowd back a few decades as he proves the powerful range of his beautiful voice by singing “That’s How Strong My Love Is” by O.V. Wright. Technically superb and soulfully delivered, the song’s beauty is unforgettable, and it only strengthens the crowd’s want for more.

Gripping the audience from his very first word of introduction, Long delivers on his very well thought-out set list from song one. Progressing from his more calm and surrendering pieces like “So Tear Me Up” and “Being a Mockingbird” to more involved and cogent pieces such as “Dead and Done” and “Who Have You Been Loving” (which he dedicated to Sam Bradley), Long’s performance is fluid and transformative. Clearly, the flow was intentional and selective. Though he had said at the house he was planning on only ten songs, by the twelfth song, Long is still amped and ready to go. He turns around and walks toward the closing curtains, matched with muffled groans of sorrow from the audience, only to turn back around with a harmonica in hand. Wrapping its holster around his head, the audience bursts into excited applause. They know what this means; it means he’ll be performing “Dublin’s There for Me.” With many thanks to the audience once more, he explains that he hasn’t done the song in a while (the reason, he would later explain to me, is because he “sort of forgot about it”). With the first sharp note from the harmonica, tears careen down a nearby woman’s face as she watches and listens in awe.

There is much, much more to Amanda's article that I know you will enjoy. Please visit her page and let her know you loved it as much as I did.

Bobby singing 'Penance Fire Blues', my new favorite!

Sam performing the song his mom, Lee Lindsey, wrote called 'Like a River'

Free Screening of 'Dread' Starring Jackson Rathbone

Hey if you're in the Los Angeles area there is a free screening of Jackson Rathbone's new movie Clive Barker movie 'DREAD'. See Details below!

Source: Shocktillyoudrop!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bobby Long talks music & American fans with Dossier

Influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, The Band and especially Elliot Smith, the talent’s first single, “Left to Lie,” blends uncanny wisdom and youthful uncertainty in a poignant reflection on death:

“I didn’t mean to write a depressing song about death it just kind of came out that way. And only afterwards, analyzing it, it was like that. But I think it’s just life really you know. Death is kind of like a vehicle; sort of a way of explaining other things.”

Last week, Long presented his acoustic melodies to his first New York audience. After playing two sold-out shows, one at Lakeside Lounge and the other at the iconic Arlene’s Grocery (think the Strokes, REM and Jeff Buckley), Long admits he was happily overwhelmed by the American enthusiasm.

“The English are quite reserved, but over here people just come up to you and they’ll say ‘Hey! Can we have a photo?’ and I’ll go ‘Yeah sure.’ And it’s like I’m being grabbed out of the way and people are being sick and passing out. But it’s hard to get your head around. I mean, there were people from Philadelphia at the show yesterday; they traveled all the way from Philadelphia. And in London, they’re traveling from Germany and all these kind of places and that’s just hard to get into your head, that people come down to see your show.”
And while he’s humbly grateful for his fans’ support, Long stresses that he wants to be known solely for his music.

“All I want to do at the end of the day really is just write a song and play it. I’ll do an album, I want to be a musician but it’s a whole other world to what it is in my bedroom.”

For more of Dossier's great interview visit them HERE.

Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez have fun together

Before New Moon began shooting Taylor Lautner said he couldn't date till he was 28. On ET he said he made that statement mainly because it rhymed but he's really focused on his career. The rumor (and I HATE RUMORS!) is he's broken his 28 rule and dating teen sensation Selena Gomez. Here's the thing they could just be friends and people are making them a couple. But either way they're just too adorable!! I hope they had a fun and relaxing weekend.
Source: Lainey

Kellan and Edi Get Down - Down Under

Edi Gathegi and Kellan Lutz were in Australia last weekend to make an appearance at the Twilight Prom. While there, they treated their Australian fans to a dance off.


There are no words.

You Can't Have Twilight Without Rob Pattinson

At least, according to Melissa Rosenberg. And I think I speak for women everywhere when I say we wholeheartedly agree!

Mark Malkin from E! online interviewed Twilight and New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg:

If Channing Tatum hasn’t read the Twilight books, he may want to start.

At least one very important person in the movie adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire love story thinks Tatum would be perfect to play bad-boy vampire Riley in Eclipse, the third in the four-book series.

“There’s a very big battle at the end with Riley, and I think Channing would do that so well,” Twilight and New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who is currently writing the Eclipse script, told us this weekend at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival benefit for the Writers Guild Foundation.

“And there are some complexities to that character," she adds. "He really is tragic. He’s a puppet for Victoria [bad-girl vampire played by Rachelle Lefevre]. So he has to break your heart a little bit at the end when he realizes that she doesn’t want him. Channing could do that beautifully.”

Rosenberg also confirmed some good news for Robert Pattinson fans...

Even though Edward Cullen may not be in the New Moon novel as much as he is in the others, she promised we’ll be seeing plenty of the Brit actor in the flick, which is currently shooting in Vancouver with director Chris Weitz.

“In the book, he’s actually an enormous presence in [Bella’s] mind,” Rosenberg said. “He’s so present in her mind throughout the entire center of the book, so we really played off that, and it kept him alive in a slightly different way, but fans will feel it’s true to the book. You can’t have a Twilight without Rob Pattinson.”

And Rosenberg says you also can’t have a Twilight movie with anything more adult than a PG-13 rating. She has yet to be hired to write the script for the fourth, Breaking Dawn, but she thinks it’s safe to assume the book’s more graphic violent scenes will be tailored to keep it accessible for Twilight’s teen moviegoing audience.

“Our fans are in the PG age range, and I don’t feel a big necessity to see violence, and to see gore,” Rosenberg said. “I don’t need to see that. This whole series is more about their relationship. It’s not about the gore. I mean, there are some scary and special elements to it, but the series is really about relationships and coming of age and owning one’s power.”


I'm a little upset at the prospect of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn being toned down to cater to a younger audience. The action and intensity are not gratuitous in the least and paint a very clear picture of just what Bella is signing herself up for by requesting that Edward change her. Censoring an already young adult book leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion.

And yeah... I was hoping the writers might take some creative liberties *cough* with the honeymoon scenes.

Kristen Stewart & Boyfriend Michael Arangano

Kristen Stewart stayed in Vancouver this weekend but was not alone. Her boyfriend of 3 years came for a visit, Krtisten displayed some weird emotions I'm not use to seeing on her face...yeah its called HAPPINESS!!


Nikki Reed walking Dog

Nikki Reed is in L.A. and was seen walking her dog (cute Lab mix) with her friend Sage.

Robert Pattinson in Los Angeles

So it seem Robert Pattinson was in Los Angeles for the weekend. The sexy actor snuck into la-la land without much fuss and hoopala. But from the reports on Lainey and Robsessed he's back in Vancouver working on dream scenes. Rob would show up when I finally crashed after a week of insomina! URGH!!!

It Must Be Love: Kellan Talks New Moon and Rob

Kellan calls in to Kyle and Jackie O's Australian radio show.

Kellan sings Rob's praises as an actor, musician, and all around person. We don't want to start rumors, but it sounds like there's a bromance a-brewin'!

Also, for those Monkey Man lovers out there, Kellan confirms he is "very much single." Have at it, ladies!


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Twilight's little doll...(name yet to be announced) was spotted out with her parents (Cam Gigandet and Dominique Geisendorff)  recently. The little princess was treated to a shopping spree at Fred Segal in Santa Monica.

This Moose Mommy wonders what all the secrecy surrounding her name is about...perhaps she is a Bella, Victoria, Alice or even..although, I would hope no one would do this to their little girl, a Renesme.

Come on Cam....give us the scoop!
Looking for a career change?

How about becoming a massage therapist? Cosmopolitan recently caught up with our favorite piece of eye and in this case "arse" candy and here is what his gloriousness had to say:  “I got injured on the first shot of my first day on Twilight. I lifted Kristen and ripped my arse cheek. I had to get a bum massage."

According to local Vancouver media outlets: "Shooting was delayed as Pattinson's patoot was seen to by medical staff, and in the end the Hollywood heartthrob was prescribed a deep tissue massage to heal the damage and get him vampire-ready.

Sigh...Imagine being given that honor...Where can I sign up to be the massage therapist to Summit Entertainment?

ET New Moon Coverage: Night Three

Last night was the third and final installment of Entertainment Tonight's exclusive New Moon coverage. It was nearly 20 minutes of pure awesome.

Kristen touches on the pivotal break up scene, "She can't move," she describes. "Literally, her guts fall out of her." As did ours when Edward left Bella in the forest in New Moon. Kristen reveals that the break up scene has not yet been shot, and she seems nervous about the prospect of delving into that kind of pain.

Speaking of pain... Rob talks about the Volturi scene where he gets beaten up by a number of vampires - including Dakota Fanning as Jane - and trying to come up with an appropriate way to portray the agony. He describes it as "horrible" and "really disgusting," but I think we all know that nothing Rob does could be either. ;)

And in true Rob fashion, he blurts out his on-set code name without a moment's hesitation. Kind of debunks his earlier statement that Kristen's GQ "Rob can't lie" quote was inaccurate.

He also mentions that he is booked for the next year with various projects. He reveals that he will be starring in a romantic comedy of sorts, but describes it as "more dark than you could possibly imagine." We assume he is talking about Summit's Remember Me, which is set to begin filming this summer.

And while there are no plans for him to be featured on the New Moon soundtrack, he does mention that he is working on composing the soundtrack to another movie - though he won't spill which.

The dark nature of New Moon is further revealed in these exclusive interviews with the cast. From what was said, the masochism and obsession will definitely be translated from the page to the screen, and I for one am excited to see the darker side of Twilight. (And Edward.)

Thanks to Spunk Ransom for the video.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ashley Greene stars in Summer's Blood

Ashley Greene (Twilight) stars in Summer's Blood with Tom Hoxey (Falcon Beach) and Barbara Niven (DEAD at 17). I don't even know how to explain this's just bizarre. From what I'm able to gather Summer is held captive after meeting her biological father and seduces the handy-man to escape.
Source: Twifans

The Sexier Side of Alice

We're so used to seeing Ashley Greene as the ethereal and adorable Alice Cullen, but with her new Wendy Glez photoshoot we get a glimpse of her sexier side - and she is stunning!

Combine these with Jackson's new Nylon shoot and I think we have Twilight's hottest almost-couple!

Check out Lion and Lamb Love for 16 additional photos from this shoot.

ET New Moon Coverage: Night Two

In last night's installment of Entertainment Tonight's three-part exclusive New Moon coverage, Robert Pattinson reveals five "secrets" about the Twilight sequel.

Secret 1: Bella has a shocking nightmare in which Edward is a "demon." (Hmm... taking a leaf from her first Edward dream in the Twilight book?) Rob and Kristen both confirm that New Moon's Edward is very dark and, according to Rob, disturbing. Dark Edward? Bring it!

Secret 2: Jacob turns biker boy. (Pretty sure this isn't a secret to anyone who has read the books.) According to Taylor, while he has "mad skills" riding his bike, Bella is much better at crashing.

Secret 3: With the help of special effects, a modulated version of Edward's image will appear along with his voice when Bella puts herself in danger.

Secret 4: Robert has no plans to be featured on the New Moon soundtrack. Do you hear that, Rob? It's a sigh of disappointment from women everywhere.

Secret 5: Robert and Kristen are just friends. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.)

For the most part, none of this was news to those of us who have read the books and have been keeping up with the New Moon coverage, but we'll never pass up the opportunity to ogle listen to Rob!

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight at 7pm for the final installment.

Q & A with Robert Pattinson

Although this is an old Empire Interview, I thought it would a fun refresher course on all things Rob. Enjoy!

Charlie's patrol car spotted on New Moon set!

It looks like Charlie's car has been spotted by the New Moon set observers, so maybe we will see Billy Burke on the set very soon. I want to thank, Twicrack addict and Pillow Biters for this info!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nikki Reed in 'Mini's First Time'

Nikki Reed (Twilight) plays a seductive and cunning bratty 18-year-old who gets what she wants- and all she wants is a little fun!!! The only person standing in her way is her controlling, drunk mother: Carrie-Ann Moss (The Matrix). Will Reed’s character succeed in seducing her stepfather Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) and outsmart everyone? Watch the star studded thriller “Mini’s First Time” also featuring Luke Wilson (Old School) and Jeff Goldblum (Law & Order SVU) on Sunday, April 26th at 8PM on Lifetime Movie Network!

Thanks TwiCrack for the head's up. Should be a good watch.

Kellan Lutz Denies Lohan Hookup

At an in-store appearance with fellow Twilight star Edi Gathegi, Kellan Lutz caused quite a stir with fans in Sydney, Australia. He also set the record straight about rumors that he and Lindsay Lohan were hooking up.

"I've met Lindsay once--like a year ago at just like an event and it was like, hey, hey, that's it. It's so weird," the on-screen vampire explained. Lutz added, "Soon I'll be married to Britney Spears or something like that."
I think we all remember a particular video of one Kellan Lutz declaring his love for his 90210 co-star, AnnaLynne McCord, which is why you didn't see us posting gossip about he and Lindsay. However, we'll gladly share when they want to set the record straight.

Robert Pattinson: 'Remember Me'?

Summit Entertainment is presenting four new titles to buyers at Cannes this year including two new Summit productions - a romantic drama starring Twilight sensation Robert Pattinson and a generational love story set in Italy starring Amanda Seyfried.

Pattinson is starring in Remember Me which is shooting this summer in New York while the actor is between Twilight sequels New Moon, which wraps at the end of May, and Eclipse, which starts in August.

Allen Coulter, the award-winning TV director (The Sopranos, Damages) who made his feature debut with Hollywoodland in 2006, is directing the film and Nick Osborne and Trevor Engelson of Underground Films (License To Wed) are producing.

Summit co-chairman and CEO Patrick Wachsberger wouldn’t go into too much detail on the plot but described the film as this generation’s Love Story. A female lead is in the process of being cast, while Rachel Getting Married writer Jenny Lumet has finished the latest draft of the screenplay.

New Moon directed by Chris Weitz is set to open in North America on Nov 20, while the third film, Eclipse, to be directed by David Slade, will open on June 30, 2010.

The first film in the series Twilight has now grossed over $380m worldwide.


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Kellan Lutz's Nightmare?

Like lambs to the slaughter, "Twilight" actor Kellan Lutz, "Terminator" TV show star Thomas Dekker and Rooney Mara have joined the cast of New Line's re-imagined "A Nightmare on Elm Street," being directed by Samuel Bayer and produced by Platinum Dunes.

Lutz, who is in negotiations, would play a popular school jock.

Dekker is an alpha male trying to get back together with his girlfriend. Mara plays a girl who can't wait to leave town after graduation.

Those young dreams will prove to be dust as the duo join Kyle Gallner, in the role played by Johnny Depp in the 1984 pic, as fodder for slasher Freddy Krueger, being played by Jackie Early Haley.

"Nightmare" is slated to begin shooting May 5 in Chicago.

Lutz played Emmett Cullen in "Twilight," a role he is reprising for the sequel, "New Moon," which is shooting in Vancouver. His part in "Nightmare" would not be scheduled until later in the shoot. The actor, repped by Innovative, also appeared in "90120" and "Generation Kill."

Dekker, repped by ICM and the Schiff Co., is coming off starring on Fox's "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." He next appears on the big screen in New Line's "My Sister's Keeper" with Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin.

Gersh-repped Mara, the sister of Kate Mara, has "The Winning Season" with Sam Rockwell and "Youth in Revolt" with Michael Cera coming out this year.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Moon on ET

Robert Pattinson talks Cullen, Dali & fame

The amazingly talented and versatile actor, Robert Pattinson, sat down with London's The Independent (not sure when) to talk about the roles he's played/playing and how things have changed for him.

Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he admits he's still trying to get his head round it all. "So many people have watched Twilight or heard about it, you can be sitting anywhere and the chances are someone will come up and recognise you." This, he adds, included coming out of a sandwich shop in Yorkshire, and being accosted by the only person on an otherwise empty street and being asked for a photo. "How can you have immediate recognition in Guisborough coming out of Benjis?" he giggles. "That was very strange!"

According to Pattinson, Dali's whole character is sleight of hand. "I guess in a lot of ways, it's the story about him putting a mask on," he says. "In the rest of his life, a lot of the time he forgets he's wearing the mask. Or he's aware he's wearing the mask but he can't get it off. I found that the most interesting part of him. Someone who's wearing this mask, which is destroying everything in their life... they can't get it off and they can't remember how to get it off. They can't remember who they were before. And if they go back to who they were before, it'll probably destroy them too."

Pattinson admits there is some comparison between Dali and Twilight's Cullen, who endures a similarly fraught affair with a teenage girl. "I think both of them were terrified. Especially Dali. He had so many sexual hang-ups. He was crippled by so many different things.

"If you read some of his early-life autobiography, it's horrible... the amount of mental anguish he has to go through, just to have any kind of even vaguely sexual relationship. It's really depressing what he's going through in his head. Dali had a massive fear of penetration – penetrating someone or being penetrated."

Certainly, when Pattinson tells you that things haven't "really changed so much in my head" since Twilight came out, you can believe him. Willing to please, he carries the bewildered air of someone who still can't quite believe what has happened to him. Yet it'd be unfair to dub him "lucky", for his is not simply a case of 'right place, right time'.

Pattinson knows that the female attention will not diminish with the Christmas 2009 release of Twilight sequel New Moon. He's pleased it doesn't feel like a mere money-spinner. "It feels like we're making a stand-alone movie." He's even at ease that his life is going to be turned upside down once again, having accepted how impossible it is to control his public image. "You can never be known for what you want to be known for," he notes. "People will know you for whatever they want to know you for." For a 22-year-old, that's surprisingly perceptive.


ET Features!

Part One:

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How To Be UK DVD

Thanks to ROBsessed for the det's on the UK release of How To Be, starring the adorkable Robert Pattinson as Art. They have many more pics and my own personal review of the film can be found HERE.

Press Release: TWILIGHT sensation Robert Pattinson stars in the new, quirky, offbeat, post teen-life crisis comedy HOW TO BE (15); available to buy for the first time on DVD on 18th May 2009, RRP £14.99 and also via iTunes, RRP £9.99.(Gozde: Pre-order for £9.98 at Amazon How To Be [DVD] [2008] ;))

Art (Robert Pattinson) sees himself as an enigmatic artiste. But he realizes that he must take action if he is to prevent himself from wallowing and sinking deeper into his angst-ridden life as a struggling and disillusioned musician in London. A solution comes in the shape of a book titled “It’s Not Your Fault”. Not content to just draw inspiration from the printed words, however, Art invites the elderly author of the book to come and live with him and his dysfunctional parents…

HOW TO BE is a surreal and comedic journey about growing up and a wry look at the increasingly common phenomena of the twenty-something generation premature crisis in life, frustrated creativity and the lucrative world of self-help. Directed by Oliver Irving from his own screenplay, with contributions from his friends Johnny White and Joe Hastings (also the composer of the music in the film); HOW TO BE is a whimsical relationship comedy that is sure to generate laughs and cringes in equal measure.

Special Features:
• Extended Scenes (26 mins.)
• How to Make “How To Be” featurette (20 mins.)
• Audio commentary with director Oliver Irving, Mike Pearce (Nikki), Johnny White (Ronny) and Joe Hastings