Thursday, March 19, 2009

Matthew McNulty of Little Ashes Dishes on "Charming" Robert Pattinson

British actor, Matthew McNulty who stars with Robert Pattinson in the upcoming Salvador Dali biopic, Little Ashes, shares his excitement for Rob's career and what this role will mean for it.

London's newspaper, The Daily Standard, chatted with him during a men's fashion photoshoot.

Last year Matthew played Luis Buñuel in Little Ashes opposite Robert Pattinson, currently the UK's brightest star since appearing in Twilight. The historical drama follows a young Salvador Dali and his relationship with the playwright Federico Garcia Lorca. 'There's something that draws you to Rob. He is really intelligent and he's a charming chap as well. When the Twilight thing exploded I wasn't surprised. Little Ashes will be seen by a lot more people now.' Matthew and Robert are the only British actors in the Spanish cast. 'Previously he was just that guy from Harry Potter [he played Cedric Diggory and was murdered by Ralph Fiennes in the fourth instalment]. The fact that he's playing Dali will wash that off a bit and people will see him as a proper actor.'

I couldn't agree more! You can read more about Matthew in the full story.


  1. *swoooooooooon* on both of them! ;P

  2. Thats great for Rob. I'll probably go see that movie, despite my aversion for...nevermind, but, Rob is soo increadably charming and good gosh that Matthew guy is fine.