Monday, March 16, 2009

Kellan Lutz: Action Hero

Kellan Lutz recently sat down with MTV and discuss his dreams of becoming an Action Hero. With his good looks and killer body I can see that happening sooner than he realizes. I think we can picture him in a fight scene with Matt Damon....well I know I can!

From Mtv movie blogs:

He’s got the looks of Matt Damon, the muscles of Jason Statham, and can deliver a line way better than Jean-Claude Van Damme. So, does “Twilight” star Kellan Lutz have what it takes to become Hollywood’s next big action hero?
“I’ve got ‘New Moon’ shooting in April, and besides that I’m focusing on the film side of stuff: Reading a lot of scripts and checking out what the next big action movie is,” the 24-year-old actor (his birthday is March 15th) revealed to us when he stopped by the MTV studios recently, discussing his upcoming plans. “That’s the way I want my career to go.”
The timing certainly seems right for the burly, charismatic actor. Between taking down Cam Gigandet in “Twilight,” his first lead role in the upcoming sports drama “Warrior,” and the increased physicality of Emmett Cullen’s role in “Eclipse,” Lutz’s action star credentials will be on full display during the next year. Aside from Channing Tatum (“G.I. Joe”), it’s hard to think of any young action heroes right now – and veterans like Statham, Damon and Will Smith are all circling the big four-oh.
“I want to be James Bond one day, I want to be Jason Borne,” Lutz explained of where he’d like his career to go in the years ahead. “I want my own franchise in the action world.”
Asked if he’d want to incorporate martial-arts moves into his acting like many of the modern-day action stars, he said: “I’d love to. I love Jason Statham, and I love Matt Damon and how they’ve done their stuff. They aren’t the big, beefy Bond-types like Daniel Craig. He’s also amazing at what he does, but these guys are smart guys.”
Lutz said he’d jump at the chance to similarly play a smart, fast, modern-day franchise star. “[Bourne and The Transporter] have a knowledge behind their weaponry and car-driving skills, evading CIA agents or whatever – it’s nice to [play] that average Joe who has all the special ops up in his head, but can still win in a fight,” Lutz said of his dream role. “And I’ve been boxing for years, and have been doing Jujitsu. It would be nice to show that stuff.” source

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  1. Emmett is so cool. Chuck Norris so wears Kellan Lutz under wear.