Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bobby Long Kissed by Fame

Young British songwriter's Bobby Long, Marcus Foster and Sam Bradley were thrust into the spotlight with the recent release of Twilight. Their songs, "Let Me Sign" [Long/Foster] and "Never Think" [Bradley/Pattinson], were featured in the movie and on the soundtrack sung by good friend Robert Pattinson. They are all absolutely deserving of this new found fame and are now starting to see some of the fringe benefits.

Long said: "I was playing this gig at the Hackney Empire and some girl ran on stage and kissed me, but the reason it was so awkward was because I had said this was the last song and I played it."

But then the crowd wanted more. So as he went to agree to the song, the girl ran on stage and had to awkwardly stand right beside him as he played the final tune.

"As soon as I'd finished she ran up and kissed me."

Ha ha...Lucky Girl!

To listen to Bobby kiss and tell it, please visit ITN.

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