Monday, March 23, 2009

Ashley Greene @ the Hollywood & Highland DVD Release Party

I know this is a very late (and brief) recap of Friday's DVD Release Party at the Hollywood/Highland Hot Topic. It was a very long day but oh so worth it, I arrived to HH at 2:30pm, waited for our fearless Team Moose Leader Vanessa (who arrived an hour later) and just hung out (and in dire need of caffeine). As the hours passed we spoke with other Twilight fantics and before you know it they were chanting TEAM MOOSE!! LOL

KIIS-Fm were so impressed with TEAM MOOSE they gave us a banner!!

We didn't know who was going to be there but the management team did come out a little after 5 to announce that Ashley Greene would be there, and I was so excited!!! But they did warn us NO PICTURES or AUTOGRAPHS....sorry they must not know about Team Moose.

Vanessa and I were even quoted on

"We're so excited. There have been people here since 2:30, and the more people
that show up the more exciting it gets," said Tammy, 32. "I might just have to
crash in my car after it all. I've never been so excited. This is all a
movement. ... We're having a party tomorrow and making 'vampire kiss' martinis!"

Even though she wasn't suppose to pose with fans or sign autographs she did it for a selective few and was completely gracious about the whole thing. Not only is she BEAUTIFUL but she's extremely sweet and gushed about Jackson Rathbone, when I mentioned seeing her at the 100Monkey show.

She even signed a few hundred (if not ALL) the DVD given out at the midnight sale. What can I say ASHLEY ROCKS!!

And I want to say Thank you to Hot Topic for keeping the 400 screaming fantics under control and a special thanks to the HOT security team!! *coughJEFFcough*


  1. Girls! that is so awesome. so jealous! :-)

  2. OMG! I am so excited...Can you remember the conversation you had with her about Jackson?? I want to know EVERYTHING lol

  3. Yes I did talk to her. I asked her about being at the 100Monkey show a few weeks before and she said "Yes! Jackson is so talented!! He's amazing". Then she signed our Moose.
    She did talk more to out Honorary Teen Moose Kacey about hair.

  4. Nice! Thanks for sharing. :) I am jealous.

  5. Hi Twilight Sisterhood!!

    I new in your blog and i totally love

    You are sooo lucky girls, you know Ashley!!!!

  6. hi ashley i am sarah i think u rock in twilight there is on question i wanna ask u are u and jackson together

  7. She was amazing!! I can't believe how long ago this was!!!

    S....I wish they were really together!