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Halloween: The Robward Costume, pt.1

We already know the Edward Cullen masks are out there but if you're not into masks you can creat your own Robward costume like actor Jonathan Sadowski.
Not bad, Sadoswki.
Busted Daily:

Hottie actor Jonathan Sadowski channels blood sucking vampire Robert Pattinson
at the Coco de Ville Halloween party last night.
Source: Busted Daily

Friday, October 30, 2009

Vanity Fair: A conversation with Kellan Lutz

You’re currently on a break. What do you usually love to do on your downtime?

I love to read. I have a Kindle, and it’s nice to be able to download books that people refer. Rob[ert Pattinson] reads all of the time and he refers so many great books, Jackson [Rathbone], as well, and Kristen [Stewart]. It’s nice to just download books because we have so much downtime. I have close to eight hours a day to read. I finish so many books it’s amazing. I’m also doing Rosetta Stone, learning some French.

What books are you reading?

Right now, Letters from the Earth by Mark Twain. Also Jessica Bendinger, I did a movie with her called Stick It—she’s the director—and she wrote her first novel, The Seven Rays. I have an advanced copy and it’s amazing.

What books have your cast members recommended to you that you would recommend to others?

[Addressing Jackson Rathbone, who is also in the room:] Jackson, what’s that book that you recommended? Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis, which I’m going to read next. Jackson’s reading my Kindle right now; I’m passing along Letters from the Earth.

What’s the one thing that has changed in your life since Twilight came out?

I’ve never been so busy in my life. I’ve never gotten my frequent flyer miles so high that I feel like I can travel around the world for free. I’ve been on a plane every weekend trying to come back to L.A. to see my dog. I feel like I’ve been so blessed to be working, but everything I shoot is out of L.A., so I don’t really have too much time to spend with my number one love: my puppy. (She’s not really a puppy—she’s five—but she’s close to my heart.) We have so much press stuff that we get to do—I love doing the conventions and meeting the fans. November’s going to be pretty crazy, what with being on a plane every day, landing, appearances, flying to another city that night … It’s a roller coaster.

How do you guys cope with all of this?

We all have our passions that we enjoy. Rob and Jackson will bring their guitars everywhere. As long as you have that passion where you can just disappear and be normal, feel normal, bring your iPod or favorite books, and just do the things that you would do when Twilight wasn’t around—that’s all keeping us who we are. We’re all really blessed, and we’re humble and down to earth, anyway.

Do you find that as a cast you’re leaning on each other even more?

Yeah, definitely. It’s one of those things where we kind of are this family, especially going through all this. We’re all going on this insane adventure and fantasy as an actor with Twilight, and it’s nice to do it with someone. We’re all friends, which is nice, so we can all go out to dinner, have a great time, relax, play games, go out to concerts. Kings of Leon have been up here, Jason Mraz … It’s nice to disappear and do stuff together. All of our friends are back home, and we try to have our friends come up here and hang out. But realistically it’s kind of tough to do that, so it’s nice to have the cast members to count on. That’s the great thing about this franchise—we hopefully get to look forward to making all of the books, so you never have to really say goodbye [to each other] like you do with other projects. You get to say, “See you soon,” or, “See you in L.A.” We get to pick up where we left off.

How do the Cullens rev each other up before shooting a scene?

We really have everything down. We dissect it through rehearsals before we go about it. When we’re on set, we kind of joke around, and when we’re rehearsing, we change up the scenes and make each other laugh. We lighten up the mood. The blooper reel is going to be amazing on New Moon.

Is there going to be a blooper reel?

Hopefully. They probably have more material for the blooper reel than they have movie material. (Laughs)

What scenes have been the most fun to shoot?

Well, the scenes that the Cullens are in are very crucial and epic. The scenes in New Moon are very close to the book. What we Cullens deal with—like the birthday scene—are very crucial for the audience; they’re going to be there with us. They’re all my favorites, but particularly Jackson, when he turns bloodthirsty in the birthday scene.

Have you seen New Moon yet?

Yeah, I love it. Chris Weitz did an amazing job, and I love the werewolves. There’s so much action, and I’m an action junkie, so the wolves really do a great job. Taylor [Lautner] is amazing. He’s a movie star. Fans are going to see this over and over again because of what he brings to the movie.

What’s your take on the millions of fans who are getting rabidly excited about the release?

It’s really fun to be these characters, bring them to life, and have them [the fans] accept us. It’s very humbling to have fans that spend so much money to come and see us, which is great to give them a piece of what they’re allowing us to do. We’re so blessed that our fans are so loving. It’s fun talking to them about how they relate to characters in the story. My sister and my mom, for instance—it’s great to see how these books really draw mothers and daughters together. It’s an adventure they can all go on. Then they bring the husbands, and the brothers, and everyone gets swooped up into this magical experience.

Are your mom and sister big fans of the saga?

Very much. My sister is one of the most popular girls in school now because she has a brother in Twilight (laughs), and she’s sharing stories about me, which are kind of funny. It’s really an actor’s dream to be a part of this. It’s opened up a lot of doors.

In regards to your career, you just did the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street. What was that like?

I looooove that movie. I was just excited to be a part of it. It’s Freddy! it’s one of those characters that frightened me growing up. Jason [from Friday the 13th] didn’t really scare me; Chucky [from Child’s Play] didn’t scare me. But there’s something about Freddy. It’s more of a psychological thriller.

Is the new one going to take it to a different level?

Definitely. It’s great that all of these movies are coming back. For my generation—ten years ago when this came out—it was really scary. I think everything has to step it up to the tenth degree to scare the new generation because there’s all this gore, now. You have the Saw movies, all of these twisted movies that are done to scare you. Now you have Paranormal Activity—these new types of scary movies—and they have to push the limit so you can actually feel the fear. That’s what A Nightmare on Elm Street is going to do. It’s a cool remake of the story, with great actors, directors, and producers …

And Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy, which is awesome.

Jackie’s such a nice guy. It’s an honor to work with him, too. I’ve been a big fan of his for a while.

So, before you go, let’s do some wordplay. I’m going to give you the name of one of your fellow actors, and I need you to give me one word to describe them, starting with Jackson Rathbone [“Jasper Hale”].

Ah, mysterious.

Nikki Reed [“Rosalie Hale”].


Elizabeth Reaser [“Esme Cullen”].


Peter Facinelli [“Dr. Carlisle Cullen”].


Do you want to guess what word Peter chose for you?

Meathead. Something to do with working out or playing jokes.

He chose “goofy.”

Goofy. (Laughs)

Ok, Ashley Greene [“Alice Cullen”].

Best friend.

Kristen Stewart [“Bella Swan”].


Taylor Lautner [“Jacob Black”].


Rob Pattinson [“Edward Cullen”].

Immensely blessed and talented. If you can just hyphen those into one word.

Source: Vanity Fair

MTV Ulalume Music Festival Promo

Kellan is hilarious.

New How to Be Casting Video

He's so skinny!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bobby Long continues to charm L.A.

Tonight Bobby wrapped up his stint in Socal and from what I hear in San Diego he went out with a bang. I wish I was there but sadly I'm here in Los Angeles thinking about his recent performances at Hotel Cafe. Musically he leaves me breathless, and looking forward to his show's next month.
This was my favorite song of the evening, its a The girl from the Keys/Penance Melody.

In between songs, Bobby talks about his experience watching the World Series in New York City.

Taylor & Taylor out in Beverly Hills

Last night Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift had dinner at Ruth's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. People Magazine confirmed that Lautner and Swift were in fact dating, it would explain why Launter had I can kill a man expression on his face at the VMA's last month. So Kanye, you better watch out Lautner will kick your ass. My money is on Lautner.

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New Poster and Wolf Pack Clip from Scream Awards

At the Scream Awards, attendees were treated to a viewing of a video clip from New Moon. The snippet includes a some behind-the-scenes interviews with animation artists, who labored to bring the wolf pack to life on the big screen.

Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Taylor Lautner, director Chris Weitz and Kristen Stewart sat down to chat about how the wolf pack was made into reality, as well as how the family dynamic of the group was developed.

In addition, here are two new more posters promoting, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, to whet your appetite for what's in store next month.

For more pics click here

Kellan Lutz talks to MTV

With shooting on "Eclipse" winding down and the "Breaking Dawn" movie still unconfirmed, these may be the final days that Twilighters see any Cullens on a film set for a while. With that in mind, we wanted to make sure we caught up with one of our all-time favorite "Twilight" stars — Mr. Kellan Lutz — at least one more time.

In between his "Eclipse" duties, the Snuggie-loving actor sometimes known as Emmett Cullen sat down exclusively with MTV to discuss his thoughts on the "Twilight" movies, including comparisons of the various films' directors and his favorite scenes from "New Moon," due out on November 20.

MTV: What do you see as the biggest difference between the tales in the "Twilight" saga?

Kellan Lutz: What's the biggest difference? That's an interesting question. Because the books are already about different subjects. Stephenie [Meyer] wrote them with the Romeo and Juliet aspect, and then, each one has a different persona. It's a really cool concept. But as far as the directors go, each director is different. Catherine [Hardwicke] was very energetic, and she made this beautiful movie. Chris [Weitz] had this really cool, really laid-back [vibe], but has a great sense of how to do CGI and how to make these wolves look real and bigger than life versus just some computerized image. Then David Slade, with his action background and his indie style, just mixed the two. The movies are going to be unique in their own aspects, and that's what's really interesting — it's not the same director doing each one. We, as actors, got to see different styles of [directing]. So it doesn't feel old, ever.

MTV: What is your favorite "New Moon" scene?

Lutz: My favorite scene is probably anything that Charlie is in, played by Billy Burke. He just has this great comedic timing, and every scene [with him], I get a laugh out of. And there's just tons of action. That's the thing too, seeing the wolves actually fight each other and roughhouse. It's really interesting to see what Chris did.

MTV: Which of the new characters is your favorite?

Lutz: The Volturi boys. I didn't meet them in "New Moon," so now [I see them on the "Eclipse" set]. I didn't have the time to meet them when we were shooting "New Moon" because the shooting schedules were different. So, with seeing them, and finally meeting them on "Eclipse," they're really cool. It's interesting to finally meet them. It's so weird being an actor in something and not being a part of the whole cast feeling.

MTV: As the saga continues to film, do you feel like you're becoming more or less like your character?

Lutz: I've been my character. I feel like I've been Emmett since day one. I really loved the character when I first had the audition for Edward. I was like, "No guys, come on [let me be in the movie]." And then I asked them about Emmett, and something was already done with that, and then it came back [available again]. I just really like Emmett. He's a great, fun character to play. I'm always so happy to be on the set. He's not depressing, he's not complex. He's just the lovable bear type.

For more from the "New Moon" cast and to see an exclusive clip from the film, check out MTV's "Ulalume: Howling at New Moon" on Friday, October 30 at 9 p.m. ET — and check at 10 p.m. to see the clip exclusively online!


Vanity Fair Interview with Peter Facinelli

Having featured the members of Twilight’s Wolf Pack last week, is switching its allegiance to vampires. On a frigid day in New York City, I caught up with actor Peter Facinelli in between his “medical” commitments—he plays a human doctor on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie and a bloodsucking one, the 400-year-old Dr. Carlisle Cullen, in the Twilight saga—to discuss how New Moon differs from the first Twilight movie, his role as a father figure on and off the set, and what he really thinks of his fellow vampires.

As the patriarch of the Cullen clan, have you assumed a similar fatherly role with the cast?

You know, on Twilight I feel like they looked to me as the father figure, but because we became so close, I’m more of an older brother now.

Has there been a difference in the way you interact as a cast since you filmed Twilight?

Rob[ert Pattinson] has more security guards hanging around him! [Laughs] Other than that, not really. We really enjoy each other’s company, and we’ve been working so much on this movie that we really haven’t had as much time to hang out with each other. We’re putting in these long hours and then just heading home. Usually we just try to catch dinner with each other then get back up the next morning and do it all over again.

What would you say is the one major thing that has changed about your life since starting the franchise?

I’m traveling a lot more than I used to and interacting with a lot more people. The fan base on this, I don’t know how else to explain it … it’s a cultural phenomenon. People will actually hop on a plane to see you. Sometimes I do these charity events, and people fly in to come and see me. I’m just really, really impressed with [the fan] dedication to these books and to the movies. I’ve always had a fan base with the work I’ve done, but never as rabid as this.

You seem pretty dedicated to them, too, judging by your Twitter page.

You know, I love connecting with the fans because I’m a fan of the books myself. They’re all so dedicated and wonderful to me that I love to be able to give back. So if stopping for a picture or signing a book of theirs puts a smile on their face, then that makes me happy, too. I kind of go out of my way to make sure—if there are fans hanging around the set—to try to stop and say hello to them before I get in the van. It takes five minutes to make people happy. I love interacting with them.

You’ve been working steadily since your early twenties—the same age that some of the Twilight cast members are now. Have you been able to offer any advice to any of them, especially at a time when they’ve suddenly been thrust into the spotlight?

I’ve had some conversations with some of the cast about careers because I’ve been working for fifteen years. They’re just starting out with their careers, and for a lot of them this is their first big break. I think they look to me and ask, How do you sustain that? It’s still a mystery to me, too! I feel very lucky. For me it’s about longevity and not about just one movie. It’s got to be a scary time for them because this movie is giving them lots of opportunities. It’s up to them to steer this journey into a career, and not just be part of Twilight and be gone. I look at them, and it’s got to be pretty scary to have that much on their shoulders pretty quick, but I think they’re really talented, really smart, and I think that they’re going to be fine.

What has this done for your career?

I’ve done a lot of movies and different roles, and this is another role that I love to play. I look forward to continue doing a lot more. It’s definitely broadened my fan base even with my own kids. For a long time, they didn’t get to see any of the work I’ve done because of the mature content.

For the rest of the interview click here.

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Ashley Greene @ Paramount Studios

While other concert goers were still recovering from Sunday night's U2 performance, Twilight Saga: New Moon star, Ashley Greene was spotted at the Paramount Studios the next morning looking gorgeous as ever. Hopefully Ashley is lining up new projects now that Eclipse she's done filming.
Source: Just Jared

Robert Pattinson on David Letterman

From ther Gossip Cop:

Inside sources tell us Kristen Stewart will visit Conan O’Brien and “The Tonight Show” on November 16, while Robert Pattinson will guest on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on November 18.

Gossip Cop has ALSO learned that Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Ashley Greene are all booked for Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” program. Exact dates have yet to be confirmed.

And if you still need a Cullen family fix, Greene is scheduled to join Letterman on November 23.

Gossip Cop already broke the news about Pattinson’s imminent “Ellen” turn, as well as the “Today Show” schedule for him, Stewart, and Lautner. We will work to confirm any additional “New Moon” cast appearances as soon as possible.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Robert Pattinson on the cover of USA Weekend

Robert Pattinson lets his golden eyes shine as he graces this weekend’s cover of USA Weekend.
The 23-year-old actor chatted with the mag about his iconic character Edward Cullen, musical adventures and what’s to come after the Twilight series is wrapped.

Check it:
On escaping through his music: “It’s nice to have a bit of artistic or creative endeavor that isn’t so pressurized. So many people have an opinion, especially when you’re doing the Twilight movies. Making this movie, it’s almost as if people have become more concerned with what the fans want the more successful it becomes. The first one seemed more relaxed than this one, and that one wasn’t particularly relaxed. But it’s nice to do music where no one’s too concerned with what I’m doing with it. It’s kind of a relief.”

On his character, Edward Cullen: “In some ways, he’s more relaxed being around humans, and at the same time, he’s competing a lot more with Jacob [played by Taylor Lautner] so he has a lot more petty emotions rather than just thinking in these absolutes like he did in the first two. I’m just trying to keep it interesting for myself as well.”

On what life will be like after Twilight: “I’ve just been so tightly bound. I did another movie in New York over the summer, and it was so tightly bound to Twilight. You have huge groups of fans and paparazzi and stuff, and it was a tiny little indie. It still felt like I was doing a Twilight movie in a lot of ways. It’ll be interesting to see how I’ll feel about the whole thing a couple years after it’s all finished.”

USA Weekend appears in newspapers nationwide.Read more: Just Jared Jr.

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WW's Fic Rec Friday

Helloooo my loves! So, it's been awhile, yeah? Sorry. Real life and all. However, last weekend I finally had time (read: slacked off on writing and gave up all the updates I am behind on as lost causes) and started something new so I could put a rec together for you guys.


Emancipation Proclamation by Kharazzmatik
RATED: M for dark themes, sexual situations and language ::Twilighted Forum::

Summary: Edward grew up in a life of money, power, & respect. Isabella was born into slavery-has never known another way. Their worlds collide & neither will ever be the same again. Will he give her freedom? Can he bear to ever let her go? AU-H OOC *Set in 2005*

I feel kind of silly even doing this rec. I'm sure everyone in the world has already read this, and I am obviously super late to the party... but the thought of starting this fic was a little daunting, considering it already had 52 chapters. However, I'd heard good things about it, so I figured I'd give it a shot and see how long it took me. I ended up reading the entire fic in about four days, beginning each evening when my son went to bed at 9pm and staying up until 5am reading. Yeah. I guess you could say I'm... dedicated? Hahaha...

Isabella has never known anything but slavery; she is withdrawn and reserved, living in constant fear of punishment from her master, Charlie and his wife, Jane. Her life is, quite literally, hell... but it is the only life she has ever known. She harbors no fantasy of change or rescue - she simply survives... until she is sold to Carlisle Cullen, a known member of the mafia, and her entire world changes.

From the start, Carlisle does not treat her as she expects. He is almost warm and kind, treating her with more respect than she has ever known. He assures her that, while she is his slave and she should never forget her role, he wants her to have as normal of an existence as possible. He encourages her to get to know his family and become comfortable in his household.

Edward, Carlisle's youngest son, is... well, he's an ass. Let's just call it like it is. He fucks girls for the sport of it, disrespects pretty much everyone he comes across and thinks he's the shit. However successful he is in portraying that persona, it soon becomes clear that it is merely a facade, a coping mechanism he uses to hide the pain that lurks beneath the surface. He bears the guilt and pain of his mother's death, and pushes everyone away in the process.

He and Bella have an immediate connection, though they both fight against it, knowing the obstacles they face. Eventually - as usual - the pull becomes too much and they are no longer able to resist. She is the first girl for whom Edward has ever allowed himself to have deep feelings, and Bella has never been given the freedom - emotionally or physically - to be able to develop any kind of feelings for anyone else. Edward is sweet and patient with her - as patient as a hormonal 17 year old can be anyway... and let me just say, the sweet (and not so sweet) Italian mutterings make me straight up ::thud::

There is danger and intrigue - none of which I will give away in case you are the only other person in the world not reading this - but at the heart of it, there is a sweet love between two people who never thought they'd be capable of finding anything so right. While their pasts have been full of pain, and their road ahead is anything but smooth, they each have the ability to heal the other with their love... if only they can survive what lies ahead.

(That was about as rambly as my reviews. It's really hard to describe this fic as there is so much going on beneath the surface.)

Ink Street by AHelm
RATED: M for adult themes, sexual situations and language ::Twilighted Forum::

Summary: From the moment I saw those perfect lips, I wanted him. He would be mine. It was only a matter of time. Slash. OOC. JxE. A continuation from the Tattward & Inkella Contest.

Okay, I know not everyone is into slash... but I'm here to say you should be. Because well... damn. Two hotties getting physical? Yes and please.

Jasper sees Edward walking down the street after getting some ink done, and is immediately attracted. He knows nothing about him, he is just a stranger walking down the street - and yet Jasper's thoughts are consumed with him entirely... until he sees him at a cafe on campus. He approaches him, they get a drink... there's a kiss... and, I die.

Jasper is outwardly cocky and blunt, but there is a depth and a sweetness that lies just beneath the surface. He has a past that hints at hardship and pain, but has a strong relationship with his brother Garrett. Edward is reserved and kind of an ass, but you can tell there is a lot going on under the surface - as there always is with Edward.

As of now (or as far as I'm caught up - damn RL!) they are just on the cusp of getting together, and I know when they do they - and me, for sure - are going to go up in smoke. The UST between them is ridiculous and I just have this curious little feeling that as calm and cool as Edward seems - once he's getting down and dirty with Jasper, he's going to be anything but.

And I. Cannot. Wait.


That is all.

New NM TV Spot

New Moon Clip: Jake and Edward Fight Over Bella

USA Today Weekend Interviews a Vampire

To get a modern image of a vampire, Pattinson initially watched movies such as “Interview With the Vampire” and “Blade.” But he really discovered who Edward was by researching outcast roles not involving the undead. “Rebel Without a Cause was a big influence on the first ["Twilight" film] — it influenced the hairdo and stuff,” Pattinson says, laughing. “In lots of ways, it has a very similar character arc: An everyday girl brings this relatively strange individual out of his slump.”

A James Dean type — that is, Pattinson — always attracts teenage girls in flocks. “It’s like The Birds, with teenage girls,” says “New Moon” director Chris Weitz. “You turn around, and there would be a line of girls standing there.”

Pattinson, 23, a native of London, takes all the swooning over his lanky, 6-foot-tall frame and wildly styled hair in stride. “I’m not entirely sure what it is,” he says. “I’ll probably realize afterward how I could have controlled it a little bit more. But I am still like a deer in headlights.”

And there’s the fact that many haven’t yet separated Pattinson the actor from Edward the vampire. “Right at the beginning, everyone just called me Edward,” he says. “I don’t really mind either way. There’s something about that character that, for some reason, has sparked an interest in massive degrees in so many different people.

“If you want to compete with your own character, you have to really fight. I don’t know if I could be bothered to fight,” he says, chuckling again. “I just let it go by.”

Thanks New Moon Movie!

Rob's Total Film Interview

How was it reuniting with Kristen Stewart for New Moon?

"There’s a natural chemistry going on with Kristen. Even doing this sequel, it’s so easy… I was really worried that I wouldn’t know how to do it again, but it’s so easy to play off her. She always says that she pretty much got me the part – though I don’t really believe her!"

What sort of arc does Edward go through this time?

"He’s always talking in the first one. “I need to make the right decision. I need to do stuff for you, for you, for you.” And he makes a decisive move, which is to leave her, and he completely believes it’s for her own good.

But in his heart, he obviously realizes it’s completely wrong. And it takes him the whole movie to realize the profundity of his mistake. So that’s what his arc his.

The world forces him to realize he needs to be with Bella, and there’s no way around it"

So New Moon takes a similar serious approach to teen love as Twilight?

"I think no one really knew what we were working with when Twilight happened.

And because of the in-roads we made in saying it’s not going to be a typical teen film or a sappy love story, it does allow us in the second one to have a certain degree of seriousness. Even more so."

The rest of the interview can be found here.

New Moon: Volturi Fight Scene

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Volturi attend the Rome Film Festival

Cameron Bright, Jamie Bower & Charlier Bewley aka the Twilight Saga: New Moon's Volturi, attended the Rome Film Festival.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Sisterhood Wants to Help the Fandom Give Back!

Since our inception, The Twilight Sisterhood has made it a point to give back to our community - whether that meant in our neighborhoods or the fandom as a whole. We believe that together we can make a difference. Please join us in supporting Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation in conjunction with The Twilight Fandom Gives Back. Together, we can help beat childhood cancer.

Dear friends, fans, and followers,

Did you know that every year over 200,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer? We cannot ignore this shocking statistic impacting the youth of the world, and we certainly hope that you won’t either. We need your help.

Starting Nov. 15th, through Nov. 20th, you will have the opportunity to help in the fight against childhood cancer. We haven't set a monetary goal because we're firm in the belief that no matter what we set, you will surpass it.

Running this virtual stand is the biggest challenge we have ever faced – the challenge of raising awareness of just how serious the epidemic of childhood cancer is.

The money raised will go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer, a 501(c)3 public charity, to fund childhood cancer research projects. The mission of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer causes, primarily to support research into new cures and treatments; to encourage and educate others, especially children, to raise money for childhood cancer by holding their own lemonade stands; and to expedite the process of finding new cures and treatments, and bringing them to children with cancer now.

Please help support our efforts and this critically important cause by making a contribution through our virtual stand. You can make your donation online by visiting our Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Fundraising page: Twilight Fandom Gives Back Donation Page.

You can also help us by passing this message along to others who may be interested in visiting our virtual stand, or holding one of their own!
Thank you for your support.

lolashoes, ninapolitan & tby789
Lola, Nina & Christina

You can find out more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s by visiting

Attack of the Wolves~ Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon in Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair does two fantastic interviews with Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon...

It’s (unofficially) Wolf Day! Just as Summit Entertainment releases new footage from Twilight: New Moon, featuring the pumped up and fluffed out Wolf Pack, brings you two exclusive interviews from some of the newest Twilight saga cast members.

First up is Alex Meraz, who, judging from the snarling werewolf he plays, is not one to take kindly to pestering questions. Luckily for us, he was up for discussing life on set, bonding with his pack-mates at the gym, and exactly what he thinks about each of his fellow wolves. Little Gold Men caught up with Alex on the road—literally—as he was driving through his home state of Arizona.

Little Gold Men: How did you end up getting cast in New Moon?
Alex Meraz: It was pretty conventional. I got a breakdown for an open casting call—they were looking for Native actors—and I submitted my stuff and luckily I got a role. One of the casting directors was kind of the Native American liaison. I had been cast in another one of her films. I sent her my original casting tape. She liked it, but she thought we could do better. So she brought me in to L.A., I gave it a whirl, and I eventually got the role.

Had you seen the first Twilight movie?
No, I hadn't, but after I got the role, I bought a bootlegged version and watched it while I was on set. (I love the way he admits to this!! LOL)

What was your favorite scene to shoot?
The cliff diving scene was the most fun because the whole Wolf Pack was there and we were jumping off these 50-foot scaffolding things onto an air mattress. It was pretty exciting to be able to do our own stunts.

You didn't have stunt doubles at all?
No! They were pushing for it, we were pushing against; we wanted to do our own stuff. We had to train for a good two days, eight hours each day just practicing jumping, making sure we were landing safely. On the day [of shooting], we were actually jumping from a green screen cliff but it was actually taller and a little bit more dangerous because there was foliage and grass on top of it—it was a little slippery. We were fine, and it was really fun.

For the rest of the interview with Alex click here

Next up is Kiowa Gordon who plays Embry in the Twilight Saga's New Moon and Eclipse: brings you an exclusive Q&A with one of the youngest members of the Wolf Pack: Kiowa Gordon. Unlike his cast mates, Kiowa had never acted before this movie. We recently called him at his home of Scotsdale, Arizona—we apologize for waking him up—where he talked about how Twilight author Stephenie Meyer handpicked him for the role, and promised his female fans that it’s O.K. to come closer: he doesn’t bite. (Don’t believe it.)

Little Gold Men: Can you tell us a little bit about your Native American descent?
Our tribe is called the Hualapai, and we are in Northern Arizona. We sit on top of the Grand Canyon and used to live there [on the reservation] about ten years ago. We take frequent trips back.

New Moon is your first film. What was the casting process like?
They had an open casting call here in Phoenix, and I auditioned. I was going tochurch with my mom out in Cave Creek, and Stephenie Meyer goes to church with her. She kind of helped me out on that one.

Did Stephenie suggest you?
Yes, she told production, I think, and got me some sides to do the audition.

So you never acted before this?

Did you want to be an actor?

Did you know anyone in the cast before you started?
No, I just met Alex [Meraz] at the auditions.

How did the wolves come together as a pack?
They got us a personal trainer, and we just went to the workouts and got to know each other. We saw each other’s strengths and pushed each other’s buttons; we really bonded during that time. We’d go out to eat a lot and watch movies …

For the rest of the interview with Kiowa Gordon click here

Robert Pattinson Nominated for BBC Switch Live Awards

BBC Switch Live is back with an awesome line-up presented by Nick Grimshaw and Kimberley Walsh. But this isn't just an opportunity to rock out to your fave artists, oh no! This year we're going to celebrate the best of BRITISH talent from the past year, oh yes! We need you to cast your vote below - it's down to you to decide the winner. You have one vote per category, so make it count folks!

Rob has been nominated for Switch's Prom King.

You can cast your vote for Rob right HERE.

The Twilight Saga Official Guide Release Date Set for December 31st, 2010

According to Barnes & Noble the Twilight Saga Official Guide is set to be released on December 31st, 2010! -

"Fans of the #1 New York Times bestselling Twilight Saga will treasure this definitive official guide!This must-have hardcover edition — the only official guide — is the definitive encyclopedic reference to the Twilight Saga and provides readers with everything they need to further explore the unforgettable world Stephenie Meyer created in Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. With exclusive new material, character profiles, genealogical charts, maps, extensive cross-references, and much more, this comprehensive handbook is essential for every Twilight Saga fan."
You know what I'll be out buying on the 31st of December (a year from now!)!!

Robert Pattinson on his 'Fame' with Twilight

The suddenness of Twilight fame is a notorious beast of burden upon the cast - particularly those who are endlessly tailed within inches by both fans and paparazzi. For The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and Remember Me star Robert Pattinson, it seems, his perception of the whole ordeal has shifted.

In a new interview with, Pattinson talked about his sudden popularity and how he has come to accept his situation.
"I guess you try and stay Zen about it. You have to just learn to accept it."

"I guess the whole thing is, you don’t want to wake up one day and realise you’ve turned into someone who you weren’t before and it wasn’t your choice."

Pattinson also talked about the longevity of his involvement with the Twilight films and made an interesting reference to the "fourth" Twilight film.
"I’ll have done three of the four by October of this year, then I’ll only have one more to do."

As you are no doubt fully aware, the talk of the Twilight fan town has been about the possibility of a fifth film - a partition of Breaking Dawn into two. So, Pattinson's words - in this respect - only further the confusion.

Pattinson also talked about his "musician" friends (that'd be, in all likelihood, Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster, and Bobby Long), working with Kristen Stewart again, Edward Cullen's New Moon story arc, and Chris Weitz. You can read the full interview here.

Meanwhile, you can vote for Pattinson in the BBC Switch Live Awards where he is nominated for "Switch Prom King," apparently. You can find out more about that here. You can also check out a few interesting mentions of Pattinson here and here.
Thanks to Amanda at the Examiner for the Article!

Stunning New Nikki Reed Photo Shoot - By Photographer Hellin Kay

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Q&A with New Moon director Chris Weitz

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The man behind "American Pie" and "About a Boy" wasn't the obvious choice to take on "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," the second book in Stephenie Meyer's blockbuster teen vampire romance series. But Chris Weitz, who also writes and produces, sometimes with his brother Paul, had done a fantasy adaptation in 2007's "The Golden Compass" and felt a connection to the material. On Nov. 20, "Twilight" fans -- and Summit Entertainment, which is releasing the film -- will determine whether he was up to the task.

The Hollywood Reporter: Why did you want to do a "Twilight" movie?

Chris Weitz: The tonality of the movie, which has a lot to do with heartbreak and longing, depression and reunion and ecstasy -- these were emotions that struck a chord in me. I really loved the cast; Kristen (Stewart) and Rob (Pattinson) both are exceptionally talented. And I wanted to get my hand back in the game. There were a lot of things in this movie that I knew how to do: A combination of telling a character-based story but also handling special effects and working with young actors.

THR: And adding another genre of film to your resume?

Weitz: It gets a bit boring to be in a particular zone. I like the idea of switching genres and different types of stories to keep things interesting. But it might be the way to become unmemorable as a director, I suppose. There aren't that many dilettante directors who get remembered. John Ford did all kinds of movies. Billy Wilder did too, but they get remembered for one particular kind.

THR: So how do you want to be remembered?

Weitz: I'm not sure. I don't think I have to be remembered. I'll be dead anyway (laughs).

THR: How much did you interact with Stephenie Meyer?

Weitz: A lot; we've had a real good collaboration. Crucially, she approved me as director, and she didn't have to. We had some discussions that were very important -- my convincing her that I didn't want to take her baby and run away with it, or tell a story that was counter to the spirit of what she was trying to tell. I see myself, in the last few movies I've done, as adapting literary properties into film, so that's how I treated this one. We got along like a house on fire.

THR: What kind of suggestions did she give you?

Weitz: It would normally be me e-mailing her and running things by her when I felt I was on the edge of getting a detail wrong, everything from the powers of a given vampire to the look of a particular scene or what she imaged a location looked like. And sometimes, when I felt that I was creating something new within the framework she had set up, making sure she was aware of it and that it didn't make her sick.

THR: For example?


Weitz: A good example is the headquarters of the Volturi. The oldest vampire family lives in Italy, and it was important to me there be nothing in their surroundings that reeked of any other vampire movie. So the interiors are done in a very classic Renaissance style and are very crisp and very bright, which you would not normally expect from a vampire movie.

THR: Speaking of Italy, how have you dealt with the problem that your heartthrob is gone for most of the book?

Weitz: There are two heartthrobs in this movie, not just Rob but Taylor Lautner. Part of the point was that Edward was away. Readers of the book know this and appreciate it. The story is about loss and heartache; he is present as an absence. Bella is always thinking of him and affected by him. His return to the film is really powerful and made more so by not having millions of "back at the ranch" scenes. And the middle of the movie is sustained by Kristen's amazing performance and by Taylor doing a lovely job as her best friend. There are people who would like nothing more that two hours of Rob Pattinson standing there, and I sympathize with them. But I think they'll appreciate getting him back after the second act.

THR: So you didn't alter the story at all?

Weitz: No. We didn't want to shoehorn him into the story. I did alter the visuals of the story in the sense that in the book, Kristen's character has aural hallucinations -- she hears his voice -- and we've built in a very beautiful subtle effect so that we see him as well. But those are brief, if impactful, moments. A lot of the film is sustained by her loss and Taylor's character bringing her back to life.

THR: How much do you interact with the Twi-hards?

Weitz: Quite a bit. I don't have an online, direct relation with the fans; I was too busy making the movie. But I sort of feel as though every bit of footage I get out is speaking to the fans in a way. I've only addressed the fans directly twice: At the very beginning, when I said, "Don't worry, I'm going to take care of this book," and then to address an insane rumor that all the Volturi were naked in their introductory scene. But I listened to what they have to say by checking in on the Internet. I didn't do it that much while we were shooting because I didn't want to get swayed one way or another; it would be like a politician just going by the polls. But now that the footage is complete, I kind of enjoy just checking in various sites and seeing what they like.

THR: What is your favorite "Twilight" blog?

Weitz: I don't really have a favorite. All the blogs are, in a really delightful and noncompetitive way, poaching and linking to one another's material. So if something is on one blog, it's very likely to be another blog as well. I think it's great that there are fan sites that are not there to make money but to express enthusiasm for these books and the movie and they are happy to share information with one another.

THR: Based on the success of the first film, people are expecting a big movie. How do you create a tentpole feel when there isn't a tentpole budget?

Weitz: The budget isn't a huge budget; it doesn't have to be. It comes down to being very efficient with special effects. Also key was the construction budget and the scheduling of the Italian shoot. We squeezed everything we can out of that.

THR: Is it true you have an offer to direct the fourth "Twilight" movie?

Weitz: No official offer has been made. The fans have been enthusiastic about the footage and the trailer, and the studio responds to that by feeling good about me. We'll have to see how people feel about the entire movie, not only the studio but the fans, before the verdict is out whether I direct Number 4. David Slade is doing a great job on the third film, and by the time that comes out, he'll be the flavor of the moment.

THR: What really happened with Rachelle Lefevre being replaced for "Eclipse"?

Weitz: I don't know much more than everybody else as to why it went down. I think it was a scheduling conflict. I feel very badly for Rachelle, while at the same time think that Bryce (Dallas) Howard is a terrific actress. She'll do a terrific job.

THR: That's a very PC answer. Are you getting coached?

Weitz: No, I seriously believe that Rachelle is very good and very talented and this is not the end of the world for her. I think she would have continued to be a great Victoria, but there are other roles in which she'll be terrific.

Source: THR

Access Hollywood: 10 sec NM Teaser

Access Hollywood posted a teaser clip of New Moon. To see the full length clip stay tuned and watch Access Hollywood.

Latest New Moon clip!

New Moon clip where Paul and Jacob transforms in front of Bella! I can't effing wait for this movie!!!
Source: Socialite Life

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Moon Playing Cards

The New Moon board game is now available, with some very revealing playing cards.

You can see the rest of the cards at the source.

More Vanity Fair Outtakes


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