Friday, March 13, 2009

AngstGoddess003 "Rocks Our Socks" with 'Wide Awake'

Okay, so I have to admit that just like with the Twilight bandwagon, I was a little late to jump on the one for Wide Awake. It followed the same pattern of constantly hearing friends and people in my groups praising the story and me being skeptical about how good it could really be. My Bad!

I started by reading my friend, Amanda's, exclusive interview with the author for the Examiner. Then my girls here at The Twilight Sisterhood hopped on, grabbed my hand while I dragged behind for a bit, but I finally got my footing and never looked back! Thanks ladies for feeding my addictions, I love you!

So, now I'm fully engrossed in Wide Awake which is a new take on the Edward & Bella love affair. Although, not all of the characters are present, they are all human which is a surprisingly refreshing touch. As much as I love the perfect Edward Cullen of the Twilight Saga, I think I love WA's "Dark Edward" even more. The characters are flawed and fragile, with real human emotions and reactions to situations...Take THAT, Stanley!

AG does an excellent job of bringing them all to life so perfectly with her vivid descriptions and details. Robert Pattinson mentioned in his interview for April's GQ magazine that he really enjoyed reading the fanfic and was pleasantly surprised by the talent out there. I'm not sure that all of the actors would enjoy how their new characters are portrayed here vs. Twilight, but I tend to think that Rob would really like this one.

So, Rob, if you're reading this (LOL!), be sure to check out AG's Wide Awake next time you need a good read, you'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll fan yourself when it gets steamy. Visit her site and scroll down to where it says Wide Awake on the left. Each chapter is numbered and named after a cookie (Scooby Snacks had me laughing so hard I was crying!).

WARNING: The material is strictly for Mature Audiences for sex, drugs, and profanity that would shock a sailor!

P.S. We love you, AG, and are all anxiously anticipating the next chapter...but you already knew that!


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  3. I'm not a fact I wasn't going to read it but after seeing the posts about how great it was I admit I was curious. Next thing I know its after midnight and I'm reading from my iphone!!! The next day I rather stay home and read instead of attending the 100Monkeys show. I will even admit to reading while sucky bands were on. Wide Awake has me wide awake with anticipation for the next chapter. I love the fact Edward is human and flawed.

  4. Okay, something is messing with me today. My comments are getting all screwy. Anyway, never thought I'd read fan fic but I'm totally entranced with Wide Awake. I've devoured all the chapters in just a couple days completely ingnoring MY writing (sh, dont tell my editor. Have an upcoming deadline) but I just couldn't make myself stop reading. Love Dark Edward. He's raw, tortured, emotional, sexy, the bad boy who is so sweet with his girl. *sigh* whats not to love? In some ways to do like him better than Twilight Edward as well. He's real, his not perfect and while I will always love Twi Edward, Dark Edward is in my heart as well. I love growth in a book. Sounds funny but I always feel lucky to witness two characters grow and fall in love (yeah I'm a sap). LOL

  5. All I have to say is "My Girl"...*sighs* This story is freakin awsome!!!

  6. I freakin' love the my girl thing, Marie!!

  7. Tammy, I love the fact that you were reading while enduring the crappy bands....

  8. Kelley - My Girl is my favorite saying!! it was so sweet!

    EDH- if you would have seen the creepy wonders that was playing you too would have been reading! LOL

  9. Hold up Robert never said what Fanfiction he was reading. So don't assume that it's WA