Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz Red Carpet Interview

Check out the sizzling HOT Ashley Greene and Hunk Kellan Lutz on the Red Carpet...

Congrats to our 75th Follower Pricessalexandraa!!

Hi Princessalexandraa, you have been selected as one our random winners for becoming one of our followers!! Congrats number 75!!! Please contact us at to claim your twilight prize! Thank you for joining us and we hope you keep enjoying our blog!

Who will be our next winner??

~House Mother Nessa

New Moon Official Trailer is up!

Hold on tight ladies, here is the trailer we all saw on the MTV movie awards this evening for your viewing pleasure that contains scenes that include the kiss (ahhhh), the birthday party,a very emotionless Edward telling Bella she will never see him again,a very impressive Jacob phasing and much more. Watch over and over as much as your hearts content (as I for one have view numerous times already) Hopefully this is one of many many more to come.


Best Movie Award goes to Twilight!!!!!

And Last but certainly NOT least Twilight brings it home with the final win of the evening by winning the award for Best Movie. The entire cast that was able to come assembled on the stage with Catherine Hardwicke to accept the award. Congratulations to everyone for a FANTASTIC movie!!! We will continue to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Best Female goes to Kristen Stewart!!!!

Who knew Kristen Stewart could talk so much and that she had some of the Bella's clumsiness in her??? Congratulations goes to a very sweet and thoughtful Kristin who had nothing but kind words to say about Stephanie Meyer the cast and her fans.

Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart Win Best Kiss!!

Okay...So the humbleness in the speech is all but lost not and I am at a loss for words literally... That started off really and I mean REALLY H-O-T....And then just, well I am at a loss for words so I will just say congratulations to Kstew and Robert for One FANTASTIC KISS!!!

Robert Pattinson Wins Breakthrough Performance Male!!!

As Robert once again gives a very humbling speech he gracefully accepts the award for breakthrough Male Performance. Congratulations Robert!!!

Twilight Wins Best Fight at MTV Video Awards

A very humble Robert Pattinson and Cam Gigandent accept the award for Best Fight for their scene in the movie Twilight. Congratulations to both for their for the win!!!

Live Feed From The MTV Movie Awards - Red Carpet

Live From The 2009 MTV Movie Awards
Watch the red carpet take shape as it transforms for the MTV Movie Awards.

Source: MTV

MTV Movie Award - Twilight Cast Seating Arrangement Change

It was previously reported that during the MTV Movie Awards, Rob and Kristen would be sitting together front row and that Taylor and Cam would have to sit quite a few rows back but it looks as if MTV has made a few changes. Rob and Kristen will still be in the front row (of course!!) but MTV it seems has bumped Cam and Taylor up to the second row!!!


Rob Pattinson, Ashley Greene & Kristen Stewart Arrive in LA - Photos!!

Source: Item9, Spunk Ransom

There's still time to vote for Twilight!!!

Are you still voting? If you don't already know this, voting for Best Movie is still open until the beginning of the live show for the MTV Movie Awards. So click until your hearts content and lets give Twilight that last extra PUSH!!

Twilight and cast members are up for 7 awards which include, Best Movie - Twilight, Best Breakthrough Male Performance - Robert Pattinson, Best Breakthrough Male Performance - Taylor Lautner, Best Female Performance - Kristen Stewart, Best Kiss - Robert Pattison & Kristen Stewart, Best Fight - Robert Pattinson & Cam Gigandet and Best Song from a Movie - Paramour - Decode (see below, its a FANTASTIC song and a great video!!)

Last but certainly not least the MOST highly anticipated part of the evening (besides seeing our beloved Rob) will be (hopefully) steamy trailer of New Moon. Click here to see the clip yet again...

"It's my birthday," says Bella (Best Actress nominee Kristen Stewart) as she pulls up in her iconic truck. "Can I ask for something?" Considering her words carefully, Edward looks at his true love. As the music swells, a close-up on KStew reveals her big line: "Kiss me." To the delight of a million Twilighters, Edward Cullen obliges her with a deep smooch that could very well be nominated for next year's Best Kiss award. And then, Bella punctuates the point by taking their forbidden relationship to the next level. "I love you," she says, closing out the clip. heart is pounding yet again, I don't even have to watch the clip. I don't know how I'm going to make it to November.

The MTV Movie Awards will air TONIGHT 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 7PM Mountain, 6PM Pacific ( I think that should cover it!)

Please please PLEASE ...don't forget to keep voting for "Twilight" <<<---YES THATS THE LINK!!! CLICK ON IT!!! Source

Friday, May 29, 2009

Andy Samberg Loves Twilight!

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Andy had this to say about Twilight:
“I’ve seen ‘Twilight’ once. But I’ve seen scenes from ‘Twilight’ many times in my dreams. You know what I mean? In a lot of ways I see ‘Twilight’ constantly every day, because once you see it, it stays with you forever.”

But where is his alliance – with Team Edward or Team Jacob?

“Edward all the way,” Andy told E!. “He’s steamy!”

I knew I loved him for a reason. Let's see a digital short based on Twilight, Andy!


Brief Clip of ET's New Moon Footage

Ahh...the infamous "I Love You" at least on her end.

Robert Pattinson Day Declared for June 20th

The City Screen Picturehouse in York, UK, is dubbing Saturday, June 20th, as Robert Pattinson Day. The cinema will honor the hottest thing out of Britain since David Beckham with Rob's 3 latest releases shown back to back to back. The day will begin with 'Twilight', followed by 'How To Be' and concluding with 'Little Ashes'. What a great day to be in the UK...I think US theaters should take note and follow suit!

NEW VIDEO: Shirtless Robert Pattinson Films Sexy Scene For New Moon!

Check out the video of the actual shooting of those yummy shirtless reunion scenes in Montepuliano. Rob & Kristen run through the take several times, so that alone makes the sometimes shaky & blurry video worth the watch.

NEW VIDEO: Shirtless Robert Pattinson Films Sexy Scene For New Moon!

Shared via AddThis

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are So NOT Shagging

Kristen Stewart's on-set dad thinks the hot hookup reports about her and Robert Pattinson are ridiculous.

"As far as I know, I'm gonna say bulls--t," Billy Burke told E! Online at Melanie Segal's MTV Movie Awards gift suite. "I'm not buying it. Please!"

Burke just returned from filming New Moon in Vancouver, where he and Rob sometimes grabbed drinks at local dive bars.

"He's a goofball," Billy said about Rob's real personality. "If people knew how much of a goofball he was, they wouldn't be falling all over the place. He doesn't take it all too seriously."

I have to say that I agree with Billy, Rob & Kristen obviously have a great chemistry and share a special bond. But, can we please stop projecting the desire for Bella and Edward's bump and grind onto the actors themselves?

Happy Birthday, Justin Chon!

Justin Chon who played the adorable Eric Yorkie in 'Twilight' is celebrating his 28th birthday today. Justin will reprise his role for the second installment of the Twilight Saga in New Moon due in theaters November 20th. He recently starred in the movie 'Crossing Over' with such acting greats as Harrison Ford and Ray Liotta. Chon plays Yong Kim in the story about immigrants of different nationalities struggling for citizenship in Los Angeles.
Justin the Twilight Sisterhood wishes you all the best of luck and a very Happy Birthday!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

June is Twilight Sisterhood Rush Month!!!

June is Rush Month here at the Twilight Sisterhood!!!!

Back in February the first class of Sisters pledged the Twilight Sisterhood. About 20 or so of us had a great month! We want YOU to pledge next month. Don't worry if you are not in Southern California, we know we have sisters world wide and have come up with ways to get around the distance via the World Wide Web! :D

We have some fun tasks planned for June, but first things first:

Go to our forum here, read the directions, and declare your desire to pledge the Twilight Sisterhood!!!

You must PLEDGE by May 31st, 2009 by 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time! No exceptions! If you miss the deadline, the next Rush Month will be held in October!

Twilight's Dr. Cullen meets Nurse Jackie's Dr. Coopers

The lovable Dr. Carlisle Cullen is about to be transformed into a true Dr. McNasty. Nurse Jackie, a new original series on Showtime features actress Edie Falco (Sopranos) as Nurse Jackie and one of our favorite vampires, actor Peter Facinelli who plays Dr. Cooper. The show debuts on June 8th at 10:30pm. Enjoy a clip from the first episode called, 'Call Me Coop' where he unwittingly shares his little "problem" with Nurse Jackie.

Thanks, TwiCrack for the tip!

Robward Cullitar for Guitar Hero?

I spotted this on and had to share with our readers, as well. This is the coolest thing since the implementation of air conditioning in the desert. One of their readers had a friend custom create a "skin" for her Guitar Hero guitar with pics of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and one from his GQ photoshoot.

Says Holly:

"A very good friend of mine who owns a graphic/printing company made me this awesome custom design for my Guitar Hero guitar. He combined two of my loves, Robert Pattinson and Guitar Hero :) I thought it turned out awesome and I wanted to share it with you. We call it the Cullitar."

I've never even played Guitar Hero, but I would so buy this in a heartbeat. Psst...Holly, I think your friend ought to jump on the Twilight bandwagon, he could make a mint off of these!

Official New Moon Trailer to Debut on MTV Movie Awards Show

Most of us Twilight fans have set aside all plans for Sunday evening for the purpose of cheering on our favorite movie on the MTV Movie Awards. However, my goal is mainly to ogle Robert Pattinson *wink*, as he and his co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are slated to present a teaser of the upcoming New Moon movie. MTV has now revealed that that "teaser" will actually be the debut of the first official New Moon trailer.

Twilight is leading the pack with 7 nominations at this year's awards show including Best Movie, Best Female Performance for Kristen Stewart and Best Breakthrough Male Performance for both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. No offense, Taycob, but I really want to see Rob accept that award!

Voting has closed for all categories, except Best Movie which can be voted on up until showtime on Sunday evening at 9pm ET (6pm PT). Don't forget to set your DVR's, so you can pause, rewind and slow mo through your favorite Rob moments. ;)

'TwiLite:A Parody' Pokes Fun at Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight'

TwiLite: A Parody has recently been released by author Stephen Jenner. Although I, myself, have not yet read this book, I'm looking forward to it based on Amanda Bell's review and the content of Mr. Jenner's website.

Amanda has this to say about the 165 page book that parodies Stephenie Meyer's Twilight:

Initially flustered by competing urges to either slap Jenner in the face or to award him some sort of medal for hilarity, a few lingering reminiscent laughs have led me to the resounding conclusion that Twilite is, indeed, quite a good read for fans of Meyer’s series (that is, those with an elastic imagination and a daft sense of humor).

The first few pages, to say the least, are disorienting. Twilite submerges the reader, without pause, into the zany world that is Sporks, Washington – a droll place, for sure. Propelling the characters into virtually unrecognizable beings, at times, Twilite takes the Twilight fan out of his or her zone of comfort and thrusts him or her into the life and mindset of the less-than-stellar Stella Crow as she pursues the very weird Edweird. The plot mirrors the story in Twilight (albeit loosely), but the Twilite journey is quite distinct. Once past the initial shock of the cataclysmic distinction between, say, the Cullens and the Sullens, the book is a snort-wrenching laugh-fest.

Jenner's site is a hysterical must visit, filled with exerpts from the book such as this "First glimpse of Dr. Carpile Sullen, M.D.":

“Is she…dead?” asked Dr. Carpile Sullen, visiting surgeon at Sporks Community Medical Hospital. Dr. Sullen had just entered my hospital room, carrying a clipboard and a book of Mad Libs.
I sat up from my bed and put down the New York Times bestseller An Idiots Guide to Vampires and Werewolves. I looked up at the doctor, feebly forcing a smile on my face.
“I kid, I kid!” He blurted out, laughing so hard that his copy of Cracked Magazine flew out of his hand. “Hey, you don’t get an honorary medical degree from Sporks Community College Correspondence Medical School and Male Modeling University without developing a sense of humor.”
Dr. Sullen then pivoted around to examine himself in the full-length mirror attached to the closet door. He pouted his perfect plump lips, ran his hands through his brown, wavy hair, admiring his perfectly tanned complexion. He adjusted his Speedo under his cotton shorts, and ran his hands up and down his freshly shaven, ultra smooth legs. He smiled and winked at his own reflection. He was looking oh-so-fine, and he knew it. What was most puzzling to me, though, was why he was wearing shorts in the winter.

Make sure you stop by Jenner's TwiLite site to read the rest of the book's exerpts and to purchase the "book you can sink your teeth into" for $11.65 via Amazon. Also check Amanda's Examiner page for the remainder of her first hand review.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fan Made New Moon Reunion Video

Honestly, whoever put this together deserves a medal. Or a fruit basket at the very least. I got literal goosebumps and tears watching it. Can't wait for November!

Thanks to TwiCrack Addict for the heads up!

More Rob Pattinson New Moon Shots

Oh sweet mother of god. This has been a great day, and it just keeps getting better!

And my personal favorite:


And a couple different angles...

It is too much.

Someone really needs to put this to music:


And more...


And Two More Shirtless Rob Pics!


HQ anyone?


Thank you any and all gods in the vicinity that made sure this happened.


And More New Moon Set Pics!


New Pics from New Moon Set!

It's official - Rob is SHIRTLESS (as he damn well should be) in the New Moon reunion scene.

Holy moly... it's like's Christmas came early!