Friday, March 27, 2009

Robert Pattinson needs PROPER Representation

From The Boston Phoenix:"Shhh, don’t tellTwilight star Robert Pattinson, but the reportedly smelly, hygeine-challenged actor is not actually a vampire. Of course, that hasn’t stopped this tweenie heartthrob with the Groucho eyebrows from brooding like a fool at every camera in his path. He should enjoy the fame, though; it’s inevitable that a younger Brit fart-throb with even messier hair will take a bite out of this cornball’s (oc)cult of morbid adolescent fandom sometime soon."

Seriously? I'm so tired of hearing all of this BS about Rob. Where the Hell is his "Representation"? Obviously, manager Nick Frenkel and agent, Stephanie Ritz can't seem to take care of his PR needs themselves. So...maybe they ought to see to it that he finds a good Publicist and make it snappy!!!

I guess what this dumbass and others like him don't realize is that these tactics usually just end up backfiring. Considering the ribbing that many other great actors such as Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp also suffered at the hands of the media; somehow they didn't end up being one-hit wonders like this dipshit seems to think Rob will become. Come on people, give the guy a break already!


  1. I so agree! I mean I know he has to be paying people to rep him! Its damn time to lay thier asses off.

  2. Yeah. I'm sick of people ragging on him. And they are alway such idiots too! (obviously)

  3. Ugh.....I agree, give the guy a break!