Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Be UK DVD

Thanks to ROBsessed for the det's on the UK release of How To Be, starring the adorkable Robert Pattinson as Art. They have many more pics and my own personal review of the film can be found HERE.

Press Release: TWILIGHT sensation Robert Pattinson stars in the new, quirky, offbeat, post teen-life crisis comedy HOW TO BE (15); available to buy for the first time on DVD on 18th May 2009, RRP £14.99 and also via iTunes, RRP £9.99.(Gozde: Pre-order for £9.98 at Amazon How To Be [DVD] [2008] ;))

Art (Robert Pattinson) sees himself as an enigmatic artiste. But he realizes that he must take action if he is to prevent himself from wallowing and sinking deeper into his angst-ridden life as a struggling and disillusioned musician in London. A solution comes in the shape of a book titled “It’s Not Your Fault”. Not content to just draw inspiration from the printed words, however, Art invites the elderly author of the book to come and live with him and his dysfunctional parents…

HOW TO BE is a surreal and comedic journey about growing up and a wry look at the increasingly common phenomena of the twenty-something generation premature crisis in life, frustrated creativity and the lucrative world of self-help. Directed by Oliver Irving from his own screenplay, with contributions from his friends Johnny White and Joe Hastings (also the composer of the music in the film); HOW TO BE is a whimsical relationship comedy that is sure to generate laughs and cringes in equal measure.

Special Features:
• Extended Scenes (26 mins.)
• How to Make “How To Be” featurette (20 mins.)
• Audio commentary with director Oliver Irving, Mike Pearce (Nikki), Johnny White (Ronny) and Joe Hastings

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