Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last Night on Criminal Minds....

Did you see it? Or did you tivo it and will get around to watching it sometime in the next week or so? To all the tivo people: Hurry up and watch it! To everyone else: WOW. Since I don't want to be one of those people who spoils it for the rest of mankind, I am pretty much going to leave my opinion of the story line and the characters within said storyline at that: WOW.

Cullen Boys Anonymous posted an awesome review. (Quite honestly far better than anything that I could come up with about now...) It is however full of spoilers, so don't say you were not warned. The best part of their review was this:

"Jackson did an amazing job with this role. He really pulls off the meek persona that Adam has and when he was being questioned I just wanted to hug him! Oh, and does anyone else think that we may have gotten a glimpse of the face Jackson may use as Jasper during the birthday party in New Moon when Adam insisted that he needed to see Julie? Pretty intense....

Seeing Jackson in this role just proves that we have something look forward to when New Moon is released and that Jasper deserved to be more prominent in Twilight. Bring on the paper cut!

I think that JessH at Cullen Boys Anonymous is spot on with this theory.

To all those who still haven't watched this extra special episode of Criminal Minds, go watch it now.

Thank you to for the picture! (They also have over 400 screen shots of the episode, if you are looking for something specific...)


  1. He rocked. It was amazing. He really got to show what he can do as an actor. Phenomenal.

  2. He was great last night! Even though I was sleepy I had to stay up and watch it!