Thursday, April 9, 2009

Robert Pattinson & Sam Bradley pen new music together

Amanda chats once again with the beautifully gifted Sam Bradley. Be sure to read more of the interview here.

I asked Sam if he and Robert Pattinson were up to anything together in Vancouver and he said that "yeah, we've written a really good song.”

About his up-coming album, there is no official release date, but what we can know, says Sam, “well, there are some songs that I have redone, like ‘Too Far Gone.’” Also, the album will feature guest writers such as Robert Pattinson (for his co-authorship of ‘Too Far Gone’) and Sam’s mother, whose song, Sam says, “she wrote with a few other people in England.”

So, as Sam Bradley’s list of up-coming tours continues to grow, and as the album nears completion, his fans have a lot to look forward to this year. After tomorrow's show in Vancouver Island, Sam will be appearing in Toronto next week (April 16th) followed by his two-day stint in Nashville, Tennessee alongside none other than the incredible Bobby Long. An up-to-date list of Sam’s confirmed shows are listed below, but fans should keep an eye on Sam Bradley’s MySpace and Twitter pages to stay current.

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