Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bobby Long's US Tour Off To a Smokin' Start!

My beautiful friend, Miss Amanda Bell, chatted up Bobby Long's manager, Phil Taylor, about the US tour they've just embarked on.

According to Phil Taylor, the very first few days in the United States have been productive as well. “We did our first U.S. press junket at the Waldorf, which was wonderful . . . lovely people with interesting questions, all enjoying the moment.” Continues Phil, “fantastic business things are happening for us as well. It’s nonstop. We met with two major A and R heads yesterday, and two more were at the Arlene’s show last night. My mentor and long-time friend Vicky Wickham," who, by the way, was a driving force behind the success of Dusty Springfield, Morrissey, Hollyy Johnson, Patti Labelle, and many others, "came to the show as well. Bobby was introduced to her in wide-eyed delight. Yesterday, we also engaged the services of the ICM agency, and got booked for a great new show in the Hamptons by Nona Hendryx on the 11th of September. We hung out with the wonderful Mary McBride, who helped us both endlessly in the weeks during the run up to this little jaunt.”

Meanwhile, Bobby’s internet community has been buzzing as well. Says Phil, “Bobby’s MySpace has just over 40,000 hits, and I think he got 8,000 plays yesterday alone.” With additional shows to add to atop the already bulging tour schedule Phil and Bobby have lined up (which stretches from April to September, from sea to shining sea across this country), Phil Taylor says that there is even more to come, and that he will be updating us shortly.

Did any of you get a chance to see Bobby in NYC? Will you be at any of his upcoming shows? Let us know! Many of us from the Twilight Sisterhood will be attending a gig in LA!

There's much more to read at the Examiner.

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