Thursday, April 30, 2009

Robert Pattinson's Moviefone Interview - Part Dos

More goods from our favorite guy, Robert Pattinson, in the 2nd part of his Moviefone interview. I hope you don't mind if I add a comment or two?

How was filming 'Little Ashes,' which is such a small production, compared to doing the 'Twilight' movies?

I kind of like small productions 'cause there's not so much waiting around. And it's strange, there are little things on 'Little Ashes,' like we didn't have stand-ins, so we'd just kind of sit or stand around the set, which I initially found kind of bizarre but after a while it's great, because you can just kind of stay in character the whole time. And also you can be much more a part of the set up of the shot, so I kind of liked that. I don't know, it was, I would say, a very different energy. [But] there's not a huge amount of difference, really. You're just inside your head anyway most of the time, so you don't really notice stuff. I'd love to be inside that head for awhile.

I read that you were really nervous about filming the nude scenes and the explicit scenes, how did you prepare yourself for those?

[Laughs] I had so many ridiculous answers just come into my head [more laughs]. I had a penis implant! I don't know, I just kind of, it's funny because Spanish people are so ... have no problem with nudity at all, I mean at all, and English people obviously do have, like, the most enormous problem with it. It's like little things, like when I saw my father getting changed for swimming I got, like, traumatized by it ... I don't really know what I did, I just kind of freaked out a bit. [Laughs] Hmmmm...somehow I doubt a penis implant was necessary.

You were playing a real person -- how did that affect your preparation? Did you study up a lot on Dali?

Yeah, I mean it's nice. There are certain things like studying photos. I never really concentrated on my body in a performance before, well not to such an extent, and there were tons and tons of photos of him and he had quite strange posturing ... There was one photo where he's pointing at something, and I guess it's quite nice, and I was trying to figure out "How do you point like that?" Then you realize "Oh, shit. You get your arm and ohhh..." and suddenly it clicks into place. And then when you realize you're walking right and stuff, and people -- Spanish people! -- know who you're playing, without the moustache, they know immediately just by looking in your eyes, it's very satisfying. I like the idea of that; I'd quite like to do it again. And I'm always quite attracted to playing real people. No need to concentrate on your body, bb, we do that for you.

What has been your craziest fan experience?

There was one quite weird thing, I was in a Blockbuster the other day, and I hadn't realized it was the day the ['Twilight'] DVD was coming out, and there were these two -- no one recognized me in that place -- and there were these two 8-year-old girls who turned up with their parents. They were picking up their preordered DVDs, and they were just shaking and crying just because they got their DVD. I thought that was pretty incredible, I hadn't seen anything like that before ... I mean, I have when it's in person, when it's meeting me. But just to pick up a DVD, that was kind of crazy. Yeah, I admit that if, by the grace of GOD, I ever run into you, I'll most definitely be shaking and probably crying, but...I will try to respect the human being that you are and the anonimity that you so rightfully deserve. TRY being the operative word here!

Would you do full-frontal nudity like Daniel Radcliffe did?

I think it would depend on what it is. Yeah, it really does depend on what it is. And I don't think a lot of people would really want to see that. I think it would ruin the illusion. [Laughs] Ummm...Yeah..No, I can honestly say that it will most definitely NOT ruin the illusion. Are ya with me girls?

[Source: Moviefone]


  1. Nope, don't think it would ruin the illusion but if he's looking to test it out, I'm available whenever he needs me.

  2. Dear Santa,

    i have been a very good girl this year. all i want for christmas is a naked rob. preferably in my lap, but i can work with on-screen.

  3. Good ASS! Remember, Bad=WIN!