Saturday, April 25, 2009

ET New Moon Coverage: Night Two

In last night's installment of Entertainment Tonight's three-part exclusive New Moon coverage, Robert Pattinson reveals five "secrets" about the Twilight sequel.

Secret 1: Bella has a shocking nightmare in which Edward is a "demon." (Hmm... taking a leaf from her first Edward dream in the Twilight book?) Rob and Kristen both confirm that New Moon's Edward is very dark and, according to Rob, disturbing. Dark Edward? Bring it!

Secret 2: Jacob turns biker boy. (Pretty sure this isn't a secret to anyone who has read the books.) According to Taylor, while he has "mad skills" riding his bike, Bella is much better at crashing.

Secret 3: With the help of special effects, a modulated version of Edward's image will appear along with his voice when Bella puts herself in danger.

Secret 4: Robert has no plans to be featured on the New Moon soundtrack. Do you hear that, Rob? It's a sigh of disappointment from women everywhere.

Secret 5: Robert and Kristen are just friends. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.)

For the most part, none of this was news to those of us who have read the books and have been keeping up with the New Moon coverage, but we'll never pass up the opportunity to ogle listen to Rob!

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight at 7pm for the final installment.


  1. Great job, Lady, Welcome to the blog!

  2. Ummm, yeah I was watching it and was like, ummmm where are the "secrets"?? Hmmm, GREAT JOB WOMAN!!!!

  3. Great job on the Blog!! Love it can't wait to see more from you in the future.