Monday, April 20, 2009

Bobby Long wows fans in L.A.

When fellow blogger Larrami first mentioned the Bobby Long concert I thought sure it will be cool but wasn’t into him. I knew he was friends with Twilight's Robert Pattinson but didnt know too much about his music. For weeks she’s has been singing his praises and you felt that passion with each Bobby Long blog she’d post. Well, Larrami you’ve made me a believer!! Normally going to a Myspace page to listen to artist music I usually turn it off after 2 songs. Bobby Long is the first time in a LONG time where I put the player on repeat and listened intently while working. When I heard ‘The Bounty of Mary Jane’, I knew I was officially in love.

Even though Bobby is a one man show he has the energy of 5 person band, with his soulful voice and guitar skills you're simply mesmerized (okay very sexy smile!). One thing I absolutely love about Bobby Long is his sincere gratitude for everything that’s happening to him. Sometimes he just seems shocked that people are really enjoying his music. I noticed he's very shy but he is at his best on stage, his confidence and passion radiates with each song. And literally I think some people actually swooned...wait that was me!! The Friday night show at the Whiskey….well lets say the Whiskey blows monkeys balls and Bobby seemed very irritated but put on a great show. But on Saturday night he seemed more at ease and was even joking with the crowd. One thing that continued to come up is that fact he’s only eaten sandwiches and chocolate. I hope someone will send him a pizza.

After the last show at Saturday at Hotel Café I had chance to get a picture with him but due to making him laugh he’s not looking at the camera….oh well! But I did tell him Mary Jane was the song that made me a fan. He’s smile his cute bashful smile and said thank you and thanked me for the support.

So sit back and enjoy this video from Saturday’s show.

I have to thank greeneyelene for the video from Saturday's Hotel Cafe performance!


  1. I have been to a lot of shows in my day, but I have to say that Bobby's were my favorite! Three nights of great music, awesome friends and good times!!

  2. It was amazing. he wows me for sure. I get lost in his performance. He's so talented and I can't wait to see where it takes him. I gushed about him all over my myspace blog.

  3. I cannot tell a lie, Larrison was right, he is awesome. Of course being easy on the eyes helps too, you can sense his soul in his music and he was definitely a GREAT performer! Sending him best of wishes and I hope he enjoys some whiskey or whatever soon! ;) And well I hope that "friend" didn't REALLY throw away that kind gesture the sisterhood had for him! >:|