Monday, April 27, 2009

Bobby Long talks music & American fans with Dossier

Influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, The Band and especially Elliot Smith, the talent’s first single, “Left to Lie,” blends uncanny wisdom and youthful uncertainty in a poignant reflection on death:

“I didn’t mean to write a depressing song about death it just kind of came out that way. And only afterwards, analyzing it, it was like that. But I think it’s just life really you know. Death is kind of like a vehicle; sort of a way of explaining other things.”

Last week, Long presented his acoustic melodies to his first New York audience. After playing two sold-out shows, one at Lakeside Lounge and the other at the iconic Arlene’s Grocery (think the Strokes, REM and Jeff Buckley), Long admits he was happily overwhelmed by the American enthusiasm.

“The English are quite reserved, but over here people just come up to you and they’ll say ‘Hey! Can we have a photo?’ and I’ll go ‘Yeah sure.’ And it’s like I’m being grabbed out of the way and people are being sick and passing out. But it’s hard to get your head around. I mean, there were people from Philadelphia at the show yesterday; they traveled all the way from Philadelphia. And in London, they’re traveling from Germany and all these kind of places and that’s just hard to get into your head, that people come down to see your show.”
And while he’s humbly grateful for his fans’ support, Long stresses that he wants to be known solely for his music.

“All I want to do at the end of the day really is just write a song and play it. I’ll do an album, I want to be a musician but it’s a whole other world to what it is in my bedroom.”

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