Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kristen Stewart.....don't get it twisted.

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“She explains, “I’ve totally had the thought; it would be so easy for me to send so many hundreds of girls into such a frenzy by saying I want no part of any future [Twilight] movies.”

Oh Kristen....where do I begin?

You think if you quit the Twilight Sega you'd throw the fans into frenzy? I'm sorry sista gurl but in reality we'd go into a frenzy if it was Rob. I really think Summit should ban you from doing interviews because with each interview we all realize you're just a spoiled snot nose kid.

See this is what I forget you're just a kid, a dumb kid, but still a kid. Well I'm going to sit you down as I would my 19 yr old nephew and if he was acting like this, and I would say "PLEASE DON'T GET IT TWISTED YOU AIN'T ALL THAT!" Obviously no one has schooled you so here I am. The lesson is about to begin.

I think you need to realize the fans go into frenzy for Stephanie Meyers, her words, her characters Edward and Bella - not your sorry attempt at playing Bella. The Twilight fans tolerated your sad excuse of a performance, we all hoped you'd get better and more comfortable. But after seeing your earlier work we realize that's as good as it gets. You think if it’s INDIE then it’s good. Well sweetheart stop walking around like your stuff don't stank because let me tell you since you're Nylon article came out you've been, smelling like a runner's old shoe.

I know people defend you by saying you're shy, well so am I. I'm a very shy person but I know when to respect other people and not allow things go to my head. Even at 18 I knew that but I blame your parents for that because my momma would let you know this attitude is not tolerated.

Kristen you're in Hollywood and in Hollywood hot 'things' are a dime a dozen. You attached yourself to a role most people would kill for, you want to leave Twilight? Then BUH-BYE!! There's HUNDREDS, no THOUSANDS of actress who can probably do a better job. Don't worry the Twilight fans will not let the franchise die, please take note from Taylor. He's barely 17 but he's not an egomaniac nor does he treat fans like crap. See he understand EVERYONE IS REPLACEABLE!!

How did Beyonce say it......"You must not know 'bout me You must not know 'bout me I could have another you in a minute, Matter fact, he'll be here in a minute, baby You must not know 'bout me You must not know 'bout me I could have another you by tomorrow So don't you ever for a second get to thinkin' Your irreplaceable".

Kristen you're so replaceable!


  1. I think she's great. I just saw her in "Into the wild". Now I'm really osessed by her eyes, mouth, chin. Voice. )

  2. I'm so happy somebody finially said this about her. In every interview it seems like she thinks she is the new it/indie princess. I did like her in "into the wild" but her part was small, and she was lucky to be supported by such a great cast. She has the look, and some talent, but I would really like to be able to like her, and not feel like I am watching some high school snob, everytime I see an interview

  3. wow that was dramatic. it is so unbelievably ignorant of people to just assume that by her comment. it would probably be slightly more accurate to conclude that she believed that if she left twilight girls would go crazy to take her place opposite R Patz because he is medias new bright and shiny toy. one thing by a celeb is said in a certain situation and conversation and people warp it to make it juicy. everyone is just getting on the band wagon that has decided to hate her just because a few people in the media like perez do. and he hates all women who are friends/dating/opposite any guy he stalks.

  4. I actually thought that Kristen did and exceptionally good job. I have already seen her as that [character], and I can't see anyone else playing that role. Sure, it was laughable at times, but it seemed so much like what I would do if I was in her position. (Bella I mean). I would go into a frenzy if she quit, but I would go into a coma if Rob quit. Hell, I would probably get a brain hemorrage forst, then the damn coma.

  5. Kind of harsh... I don't think she means to come off as a bitch or anything, she's just really awkward when it comes to conversation. Obviously she's doing something right-- she has like 3 movies coming out and like 2 others in pre-production.

  6. It's easy to criticize someone for what they say in an interview when you're a no one, or even better, a blogger!! You can say that even though you're shy you know how to be respectful, but you're sitting behind a computer. I'm pretty sure that if you gave dozens of interviews, you were bound to say something as a joke that people ragged on. Lucky enough for everyone else, that doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon. And the only performance in Twilight that was bad was Rob's, not Kristen's.

  7. someones jealous. you think you could pull a performance that well off? i would LOVE you see you try to do what Kristen did. I think what your problem is, is the fact that your jealous. and if i do remember correctly, Kristen has a bit of a social quirk, shes like me, doesnt like talking to people and says the wrong thing, or somethings just dont come out right, its called shyness. and to think your sitting here thinking youe crap dont "stank", ha! honey, i can smell it from over here. get. a. life. if your seriously on here, nitpicking someones quote, twisting it, and complaining about it, you should go to a casting call, and IF you make the role, ill be sure to watch the movie, and watch your interviews and nitpick your comments and write some unnecessary blog about it.

    have a great day :)

    and no one really did such a hot job in the movie, Kristen did the best, Rob did exceptional, and the rest were iffy. Kristen pulled it off, and i think her awkwardness, made the movie soo gosh darn likeable. Kristen made the movie perfect. I myself cannot stop watching it. along with hundreds, no scratch that, millions of other people.

  8. I think Taylor needs a life. I could see if Kristen only said a couple of comments that were rude, but it seems ike everytime she talks to anyone about Twilight she has an attitude. I mean if you look at interviews before it atually came out to after the movie hit it big she has changed her attitude about the movie. She was so passionate about the role and now that its not some indie/cult thing that she thought it was gonna be shes over it. Thats the thing with KS, she is over the hype and movie and the whole Twilight crazyness and she is letting show. I personally thought she was ok in Twilight, but her attitude towards fans sucks! I have a feeling though it aint gonna change..ever. Even after all the movies gross millions and millions of dollars and she makes it big her attitude will still be the same. She is the "I act for a purpose, not to be famous and rich" kinda actor. Which I think is bs but whatever. Thats just my opinion.

  9. whoever commented first should attempt a grammar lesson before they decide to deface someone in public. i understand your irritation with a poor casting choice, but cussing her out on a blog she'll probably never read makes you more petty then her ego you assume so big. whatever you are trying to portray with your overdramatic "schooling" has been destroyed by your ignorance. try again.

  10. my mistake. it was the poster.

    and you spelled saga wrong. no "e".

  11. yr a fucking douchebag
    & dont know shit
    so shut the fuck up
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  12. I saw adventureland last weekend and it was great and she was great in it. She helped make the movie what it was and gave it substance. This is all so ridiculous.