Friday, June 5, 2009

Sam Bradley Sings the Sea Blues in LA

Okay, better late than never...I got to see Sam Bradley's show last week and he was absolutely amazing! I've watched the videos, I've listened to the songs on his MySpace page over and over (as I am at this very moment), but seeing him live blows all that out of the water. He's such an engaging performer that he creates a very personable experience for the listener. It was an intimate show as Sam performed solo without his band The Men. He's comical and his beautiful voice and musical skills run the gamit of genres from an almost rockabilly sound on 'Soho Whores' to blues with 'Is Love Enough'.After a half day at work, I flew from Vegas to LA and headed straight to the Hotel Cafe with my girl Tammy. We waited in line for 5 1/2 hours before finally heading in to see Sam perform. After the show I picked up a t-shirt and postcard for him to sign. Upon exiting the venue it was sprinkling slightly, but that didn't stop Sam from meeting and greeting his fans.
He's very tall, extremely handsome and has a great personality. I'm not sure what I was yammering about here, but apparently he's a good actor, too, as he genuinely looked like he enjoyed whatever the hell it was. He was adorable in his Pepaw sweater (Apples & Oranges reference if you're a fanfic reader, Sam); which was very soft by the way. Although I was completely sober, I'm having some weird flashback that I may, or may not, have rubbed his back. God help me if I did!

Sam plays his final show in LA tonight at the Whisky, hopefully he'll have a better experience there than Bobby did. He's scheduled to take the stage at 8:15pm. The Twilight Sisterhood will be representing and I hear that some of the Letters to Twilight ladies including themoonisdown will be in attendance, as well. I know you'll all have a great time!

Here's a small taste with Sam's version of 'Never Think' (sung by Robert Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack) called 'Too Far Gone'.


  1. his banter was hilarious and his pepaw cardigan endearing, but his voice was soulful and soul bearing and i felt myself collapsing under its weight all evening.

    and i'm sorry i made him uncomfortable with my CONFIRM OR DENY THIS RUMOR question, but i am awkward around pretty british boys who sing the blues with such fervor.

  2. Yeah, way to go, WW, you freaked him right the fuck out! J/K...he handled your goofy ass question very well.

  3. Amz you look scuurrred! LOL!!! His smile is sweet and by the way I heard his performance and I LOVE HIS VOICE!!!! I hope I get to see him next time!