Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Challenge: Twilight Sisterhood vs. Letters to Twilight.....ACCEPTED!

"Hey Emmett?"
"Yeah babe?"
“Hey come take a look at what your lil brother’s friends are up to, it’s quite funny.”

About midday on Friday, we got an email from the gals over at the Twilight Sisterhood (the ones who inspired our fake extremely real sorority) asking if we were baggin’ on them. Our friendly email banter back n’ forth turned hardcore & suddenly we forgot our adult ways & went all 8th grade cheerleader on each other. LTR gals were in varsity while The Twi sisterhood girls stayed in JV, of course. Then Billy & Joey lifted me into the air into a split-lift & saw my Edward Cullen underwear & told all the football players in the locker room. Good news is a couple of them asked me to the dance Friday night. Take that JV cheerleaders from the Twilight Sisterhood! How many offers for sweaty-hand 13 yr old boy dancing did you get today?
The Twilight Sisterhood gals penned a nice little post in our honor
Oh no they diiiiiiidddddddnnnnnttt!

Well, we have to respond. What do we do, members of LTT’s to-be-named-fake-sorority? How about we bring back that “good ol’ feeling” with a nice, old fashioned bake off Rob-Porn-off? Yep! That’s right! We challenge YOU: Twilight Sisterhood, to a Porn-off! It’ll be just like your grandmother used to do with her girlfriends, except that intead of baking with whipped cream and cherries we’ll be captioning pictures with things we’d like Rob to do with whipped cream & cherries (bake us a pie, duh!)
Unfamiliar with Rob Porn? Well, it’s a concept we came up with on 2/12/09 (yes, long before any of the other sites who have ripped it off & called it their own started it) where we show Rob doing or saying things that make us melt (like vacumming, feeding little kids & cleaning the litter box). Just like that “Porn for Women” book everyone has seen & loves. But this is LTT- let’s not discriminate! Let’s extend this to ALL Twi-men. Have a hankerin’ to photoshop a rose into Buttcrack Santa’s teeth and stick him on a tango stage? Be our guest!
Rules: Each team (LTT vs. Twilight Sisterhood) will submit 5 photos of any of the Twi men saying/doing something that women just love. Final 5 choices will be due at the end of the day next Tuesday. We will then all vote for our favs- Twi sisterhood vs. US. Favorite Twi-Porn WINS! Thus declaring the LTT fake-sorority or The Twilight Sisterhood the best in all the land!
LTT gals & unicorns, EMAIL US with your ideas or entries! (
Your sisters UC & Moon

“I hope I’m not being asked by 13 year olds, I would be in jail!”

*lifts me up, giving me a bear hug, looking into my eyes intensely and crushing his strong lips to mine*

“Well that was unexpected.”
“You know I can’t resist your sweet face. Ok babe I gotta go set up the back yard for the Kegger tonight, you go and handle that little situation you have over there with Edward’s friends, be easy on them though, you know how Edward gets.” *wink*

*sigh, I love my monkey man*

“Going back to Junior High tactics though?”
*smirks* “Good luck with that.”

Hey girls,
Ok so I haven’t done this in awhile, I mean the Pom-Poms were put down years ago and I’m a little out of practice, but I think it’s really cute how you want to have your own lil’ sorority over there! You definitely have the sisterhood “spirit” and by spirit I mean bitchiness ; ) ! Now don’t get your underoos in a bunch, have a snack pack, settle down and listen. If you think you are big enough to play with the Big Dogs, then I don’t see any harm in this little competition. Of course, I don’t know the legality of the matter when it comes to porn and underage tweens in Junior High but I’m sure we can step it down to a PG13 level for the sake of competition. The Sisterhood has some of the filthiest minds out there in the Twiuniverse, especially when it comes to the Cullen boys, but “I’m sure we can handle that”. We understand it can get a little frustrating being in the shadow of big sisters and that you want to constantly prove yourself. So here you have it, you now have the opportunity to play with the grown-ups. We accept your challenge, but we hope you can handle defea….I mean may the best Sisters win, and by best I mean “The Twilight Sisterhood”!

~Big Sis Ness


  1. Oh HALE YAH!!!
    It's on, ready to kick some LTT butt! LOL

  2. Oh SNAP it is officially ON!! Pulling out the BIG guns now. As Big Sis Ness would Say...BOOM BOOM POW. Preparing to wipe the floor... :-D No Pom Poms required!

  3. How cute they wanna be like us.......

  4. bring it ONNNNNNNNNNNN


  5. lets DO THIS!!!!!!

    see ya at the porn off!


  6. oh and i meant to tell the sisterhood, it's not to late to switch teams... since we're obiviously going to win!

    come on over!

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  8. I mean if you are trying to say you need help by having us go over just say so........I would be scared too if I were you! But once a "sister" we have our loyalties and we stand together! I mean it's not too late for YOU to concede.....think about it.....