Monday, June 15, 2009

Robert Pattinson attacked on the set of Remember Me!

Right now I feel ashamed to be a Twilight fan. I know we jokingly say were going to stalk or try to get on the set but its a joke! For the last few months we've seen Rob bombarded by photogs and fans. He tries to smile through it and still tries to be good natured about the whole thing. But its not cool to grab him like he's the last pair of Jimmy Choos at an warehouse sale!
Today was the first day of filming his new movie Remember Me and some stupid fucktards decided to literally jump on him for pictures. Lainey made a good point, did she think if you grab him he'd turn to her say that turns me on?! WTF!
As you can Rob is trying to be nice but apparently Ms.Pinky and Ms. Blue thinks this is how you get a man.

Finally security escorts him away from the crazy mob! Seriously guys no more Coffee & dounuts for you guys!

Seriously sista girl do you think that's the effing way to get a picture with the man? You're practically on top of him. URGH!!! Wearring Words I think you're needed in NYC so you can teach those girls in NY how to treat Rob!!


    as much as i may squee like a fangirl in the privacy of the internets (hah) i would NEVER behave like this. honestly... he's a normal person, and normal rules of conduct apply. just because you've fantasized about him for a year doesnt mean you know him and - news flash - he definitely does not know you. so touching - or should i say ATTACKING WTF - without permission IS NOT OK.

    people say paparrazzi etc is the price of fame, and i may agree with that to a certain extent, but no one should have to be subjected to that kind of bombardment.

    seriously people!!

  2. Unless you are a hOOr and used to being mauled daily when you go to work, what the hell makes you think that this is okay to do to him? Seriously, Crazy Bitches need to BACK THE FUCK UP!!!

  3. This makes me pretty angry. When I was down there earlier everyone was very respectful and kept their distance. The guards said no flashes and asked us to be quiet and we all were.

    That just sucks for RPattz.

  4. Back up! I say back up!!! I mean it is one thing to ask for a picture. Notice how I say ask! Another is to grab him and pull him. GEE!!

  5. There is such thing as PERSONAL SPACE PEOPLE!! Celeb or not he is still just a regular guy and no one deserves to be attacked on the streets like that! Its no wonder the guy hates going out in public, I would too. I mean come on people. Have a little heart here and back the FUCK off. Let the guy breath, walk down the street in peace. TOUCHING IS N-O-T OKAY

  6. Oh my... poor Rob... :( That's just not right. He deserves the right to teleport.

  7. I am appalled at the increase "fervor" that I call harassment and that it's making impossible for R.P to do his job, let alone have a normal private life. I might add that this behaviour is enabled by sites posting the filming locations, by co fans cheering it on. We are destroying what we admire and love. Sad and dangerous

  8. Dumb skanky bitches.....I already went off on your in the other post....but I will say this....

    Karma, bitches! Karma! I hope some man doesn't make you feel vulnerable at night on the street or something.....I'm just saying....Karma.....