Wednesday, June 17, 2009

100 Monkeys on New Moon Soundtrack??

Jackson Rathbone—a.k.a vampire Jasper Cullen — is making a name for himself on the music scene with his band 100 Monkeys, and there’s a chance they might make an appearance on the “New Moon” soundtrack.

“We’d love it,” Rathbone told MTV News. “[But] we’re not really pushing for it,” he said. “It’s one of those things where if they want to put our song on the album, I’m not going to complain.” The 24-year-old describes his band’s sound as “old school rock and roll,” that is heavily influenced by blues and funk. “It’s not whiney music,” he added.

After the jump, the actor talks about his now-famous scene in the “New Moon” trailer and working with director Chris Weitz.

Rathbone doesn’t let his music get in the way of his acting, though. “Whenever I’m working on the ‘Twilight’ movies, I work all day on the film and then I go and rehearse with my band at night,” said the Singapore-born actor.

Speaking of “Twilight,” Rathbone said that if fans were excited by the recently unveiled “New Moon” trailer, they will be blown away by the full-length film.

“That’s only the beginning of it,” he said of the quick scene in the trailer in which Robert Pattinson’s Edward hurls him across a room and onto a piano. “I got to do some stunts on that. It’s going to be a really action-packed movie.”

He also said that despite their new found fame, the bond between the cast members is as strong as ever. “The first day I was back [on set], all the cast was hanging out in Peter Facinelli’s [Dr. Cullen] room and it was just like a family reunion. It was kind of like we’d been away for a month. It didn’t seem like a year.”

Rathbone also said that new director, Chris Weitz, brought new energy to the set. “In terms of having a new director, nothing really changed too much,” Rathbone said. “It was just a different subtle, vibe because the director really manages the energy on set, and it was great.”

Regarding the storyline in “Moon,” Rathbone declared that he likes the fact that the sequel delves deeper into Stephenie Meyer’s fantasy.

“As you progress [into the series], you get deeper into the lore of the mythical world that we’re establishing with the werewolves, kind of getting more into what the vampire society and legacy is. … [Plus] you get the other side of that love story.

“A lot of elements that I think fans having been waiting to sink their teeth into,” Rathbone said with a smile. “Sorry, I had to use that pun!”

Oh please say it can be so, could you just imagine the 100 Monkeys on the New Moon Soundtrack?? How hella cool would that be??


Source: MTV Hollywood Crush


  1. Well you know I love me some monkeys! They have some great songs and if they make it, GREAT for them!!! We love our Monkey Men!

  2. I would be the happiest girl in the world if they made it onto the soundtrack!

  3. I would love to have them on the soundtrack and more of Rob too!