Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kellan Lutz to Appear at Tractor Fest in Mott, North Dakota this August

I know its old news BUT in keeping in theme with our destination today I thought I would revisit and remind everyone that our favorite Northerner would be making a visit back home very soon.

For those that lucky enough to live in or around Mott, North Dakota they are going to be getting a special treat this summer. New Moon Star, Kellan Lutz is currently scheduled to attend the August 22nd Mott Tractor Fest.

The locals of Mott will have the will have the opportunity to pose for photographs with Kellan and ask for autographs while he's in town for festivities. Other activities scheduled on the agenda are a street parade, a craft fair, pedal tractor races, and a talent show, among other things.

Kellan may be a busy guy but its great to see he can take some time out to get back to his roots!

“His publicist said the last time he did an event somewhere in about the size of our community they drew 600 people,” she said. “We have signed a contract but there are a couple of points we want clarified before we send the contract back, but he is definitely booked.”

I'd say that Kellan brings a whole new meaning to " She Thinks My Tractors Sexy..." What do you think??


  1. Kim C. here. I might have to take a trip to Alaska soon. I have never been so I am sure it will be a good trip. Plus a chance to meet the amazing Kellan Lutz. Wow!

  2. Disregard that last comment. I was sidetracked with events going on here. I meant North Dakota, not Alaska. I promise I will focus a little more next time. Everything else works from my comment. Thanks Kim C.

  3. Well,Lucky for me, I live in Regent,N.D. which is really close to Mott!!!!!

  4. Well luckily I live in ND!! I will be driving a few hours to see Kellan, from Minot. Can't wait, already took the time off of work to go to Mott!

    Cassandra T.

  5. Kellan Lutz is not coming to Mott North Dakota . Iam from Dickinson North Dakota and the he is not coming no more to North Dakota . his plans changed .

  6. Another confirmation on Kellan NOT comming to ND. My friend's family runs Tractor Fest, and they confirmed tonight that he is not coming do to the filming of Eclipse. This is devistating news, I also took off work for this event:(

    Kristal B.