Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peter Facinelli signing @ Affliction

I hope you enjoyed the updates but here's the whole story....or the best I can remember it. I arrived at 12 pm and found primo parking and my place in line. I was about 15th (before the friends started to arrive). The girls in front of me also attended the Rob Hollywood blvd walk of shame.
At 4 Peter arrives then 10 mins later he pops out and greets the fans who were waiting for him. The line wrapped around around the block, the residents and Ed Hardy probably weren't too happy with us but we were good kids, I swear!!
Once Peter went back inside they sent in 6 at a time. The employees takes your picture with Peter, he signs on of his head shot and he was also streamlining on his sight. So I took a few pics of Peter with random fan (my TS sisters were further back).
More Peter.....HOTNESS!! Now when were in line his people said Peter was providing headshots for everyone. He might not sign additional items and pictures were iffy. As you can see Peter said screw that let's have fun.

So it was my turn, I was telling someone how I use to try to dress like Jennie Garth but just didnt work for many, MANY reason. They said you HAVE TO TELL PETER THAT. So I'm telling him at 13 I tried to have the Jennie Garth look but it didn't work and my mom and I got tons of fights because the red lip stick was not working. He laughed and said that's cool.
Me & Peter.....Peter & I.....Jennie, you're one LUCKY GIRL!!
Now remember I posted about the Peter fan Felicia....well when she heard he was only signing his head shots, she was a little dissappointed but was still happy to meet him. Well Peter saw the sign she made and signed almost every picture she put up. When she came out she was trembling. Felicia was on cloud 9.

One of my favorite moments of the day was when I heard Felicia tell her one of the other fans not to say Taylor's name, it makes her blush and giddy. So through out the day I would say Taylor Lautner and she'd throw me a look. LOL basically we all had fun in line today.

A special thanks to Affliction Clothing store and Ed Hardy (who had to deal with us outside their doors).


  1. Yay! WTG Twilight Sisterhood! I cant believe you told him about the RED LIPSTICK! LOL! Anyways, thanks MARIA and PETER for signing my CARD! I know I couldnt be there but you came through for me! I LOVE YOU!

  2. That is fab! Ya'll are so lucky to live in SoCal!