Friday, June 26, 2009

WW's Fic Rec Friday

Well folks, another Friday is upon us... and again, I am running late. But like I said last week, better late than never.

Just one for this week, because it's so good it deserves its own post!

A Constant in the Darkness by Camoozle
Rated: M for mature themes, language and sexual situations

Summary: Bella, suffering from an eating disorder, returns to Forks to care for her estranged father. She seeks comfort in Edward, an aspiring chef, who is having difficulty dealing with his own demons. AH, AU, OOC, B/E

Just from reading the summary I was intrigued. Dark Edward is an old hat by now, but a Darkward who cooks? Gimme. And a Bella with an eating disorder? Interesting and unique.

Once I delved into this fic, I was not disappointed. This is not your run of the mill, angsty teenager story. The characters are dark and terribly troubled; your heart aches for what they've been through, and as I told the author, you just want to wrap them in cotton wool and stick them in your pocket for safekeeping.

Bella is sarcastic and dry without coming off bitchy and brittle. Edward is dark and tortured, but so sweet and yearning underneath it all. Her character developments are flawless, and I feel so invested in them already.

It is only five chapters in, and I am chomping at the bit for more. It is such a great story with amazing potential, and is not getting the recognition it deserves. So, please check it out!


  1. Love you for this! Swelling, just swelling!

  2. Yep, one of my faves and so well deserved of this rec! Love ya, C!

  3. Yeah Larrami you told me about this....I will put it on my list...that list hella long! LOL

  4. I know the feeling, but put this at the top!