Friday, June 5, 2009

Jeff Buckley's 'Eternal Life' with Robert Pattinson?

As Jeff Buckley fanatics likely already know, a biopic on the late singer-songwriter has been brewing for years. Several attempts have been made — one even by Brad Pitt — but so far Buckley’s mother Mary Guibert has put the kibosh on bringing the Buckley tale to the big screen. (To read a detailed history on the failed biopic check out The Playlist’s post about it here.) However, via a report from the Australian press, it appears the film is back on track and could be out as early as 2010.

According to the report, Orian Williams, who produced the biopic Control, about Joy Division’s Ian Curtis, is onboard for the Buckley film, titled Mystery White Boy, as is screenwriter Ryan Jaffe (The Rocker). The real juice here is that the list of possible actors that may play Buckley, which includes names like Jared Leto, James Franco, Robert Pattinson and James Marsden.

"Whoever gets the part will need a lot of self-discipline because they won't be able to fake it," Guibert said in interview. "It's going to take a phenomenal set of skills."

Guibert also added that she has finally come to terms with the idea of there actually being a biopic done on her late son, saying, "I have finally relented against my deep conviction that films about people should never be made until those people are long dead."

And while all indications now seem to show that the biopic is back on course, the script is apparently nowhere near complete, and the film is still in the very early stages, making that possible 2010 release look pretty tentative.


Thank you ROBsessed for the lead and image. They've got a beautiful video of Rob pics set to Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah'. Pop on over there and check it out.


  1. I love me some R-Patts and I love Jeff Buckley to the point of tears...but I think it would be distracting to have the former play the latter (sorry!). Maybe I could get over it, but it would be hard to think of R-Patts as Jeff Buckley given his current level of fame. Not that I think he should be typecast forever, but a lesser-known/unknown actor might be a wiser choice in this case. That being said, I thought "Control" was an excellent film and I would highly recommend it, so I am hopeful that if the same person produces, the Jeff Buckley biopic will be done right.

    [OK you can commence the stoning now...]
    : )

  2. as a long time jeff buckley fan(grace came out in '93) i know it is going to be a ver tough decision on who would play him.

    my choice would be between james franco and jared leto. mainly james because of his resemblance to jeff. jared because of his voice.

    i think rob as a bit too much on his plate right now to play jeff in the way it should be done..

    just my 10 cents.. :)

  3. From a (professional) singer's POV:

    Listen to the audio samples to decide for yourself...

    Team Pattinson, definitely ;)

  4. Not too informed, so I dont think I should comment! Is Rob the right fit here? I'll take your opinions here....