Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Twilight Sisterhood Claims Victory Over Letters to Twilight in Twi-Porn Face-Off!

Ahh, yes, it is a beautiful day here at The Twilight Sisterhood as we bask in the glory of complete domination. That's right, we accepted a challenge issued by Letters to Twilight for a Twi-Porn Face-Off and beat them at their own game. We each entered 5 of our best creations and for 3 days our respective readers were able to vote on their faves. However, their readers seemed to be a bit confused and assumed that our awesome entries were "obviously" their handywork. know what they say about assuming?

Robert Pattinson's Magic Fingers was the overall winner with 27% of the votes. Our other entries of For Your Pleasure (24%), Breakfast in Bed (19%), Kellan Lutz Baking Goodies (9%) and LTT's entry of Robert Pattinson's Hangover Cure (8%) rounded out the top 5.

Holding true to their name, they've issued this letter of defeat.

Dear Twilight Sisterhood,

Us here at LTT and LTR would like to congratulate you on thoroughly beating our fake sorority in the Porn-Off. You took what we’re known for and beat us at our own game. You played dirty and we’d be lying if we didn’t say we LOVED it hardcore. Your “fingers” entry was sheer genius and I gotta give you props. Though in our defense I will say Wanna Tappa Vampa was really too busy getting trashed at the frat/sorority mixer doing keg stands and making out with “frat brother” Kellan to remember to vote. So it’s with a glad heart, a pounding head, and a serious hangover we call you the winners!

We’ll see you at the next Greek Row block party!


Your Sisters from Wanna Tappa Vampa

There's no need for excuses, ladies. We tore it up at the mixer as well, but had no problem following through. Wait...what's that I hear?

♪ We are the Champions, my friend, and we'll keep on fighting 'til the end! ♫


  1. LMAO!!!
    Sorry LTT but TS have naughty minds!
    Damn I luv my sisters!

  2. It's cute cuase they thought they could BEAT us! I like how gravious they are being....even if they have to use our "material" against us. And so that everyone knows, a small group of us were able to outwit I mean outporn all their entries from their followers!

    Congrats to the ONE and ONLY and TRUE TWILIGHT SISTERHOOD....we are indeed thee CHAMPIONS!!!


  3. Hope you had fun at the party ladies! I told you it was hard being in the shadows of GREATNESS...we allowed you in the party to give you a taste of glory! Maybe one day, SOME DAY you will know what it is to feel like WINNERS ALL THE TIME, not just for one night! ;)

  4. I knew our dirty minds would win. LOL We are just so bad! :p

  5. Congratulation on a truly original contest! My personal favorite was 'Pleasure'(the sister who dreamed up the juxtaposition of the gorgeous GQ photo with lubricated Trojans must have been touched by an awesome angel), but I could live with 'Fingers' since it was my close runner-up. Look forward to your next Twidea--:))

  6. *taking a bow*.....come join me Lil T!!! LOL!! Thank you Anonymous!