Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ashley Greene and Adrian Grenier Surfing it up!

It looks as if New Moons Ashley Green hit it off with Entourage Adriane Grenier last weekend at the Oakley “Learn to Ride” surfing event.

Word from People Magazine is that New Moon star Ashley Greene got cozy with Entourage hunk Adrian Grenier last weekend at the Oakley “Learn to Ride” surfing event. They met for the first time on Friday, and– "They hit it off,” says the source, who saw the pair dancing together to music by Kelley James on Friday night. “[They] really had a great time.”

On Saturday, Greene and Grenier hung out and talked before taking surf lessons. That night, they met up at a barbecue at El Captain Ranch and “were flirting and dancing close all night long,” says the source. “They held nothing back dancing – it was pretty intense.”

Now according to Ashley in previous interviews that I have read and seen she had made it pretty clear that she is not interested in a relationship right now and is focusing on her career. It's no secret that she has Great friends and her and Kellan seem to always travel as a pair, but there is never any mention so far as I can tell of romance with anyone. I guess only time will tell. Until then, I suppose speculation will ensue.



  1. i am never much of a costar shipper, but she and jackson are the cutest thing ever. need to have beebees.

  2. I've seen Adrian and let me say.....HOT....those eyes and lips. YUMMY. I couldnt concentrate on the movie because he was 1 seat over.
    But she seems to have lots of guy friends.

  3. He does have some very haunting eyes!! I do believe that Ashley is pretty devoted to her acting. I'm willing to bet they are just friends.

  4. also, the fact that the chick ACTUALLY says "B.B.Q." is OBNOXIOUS.

  5. A.G & A.G, how cute! Seriously I LOVE them both! Were they just having some fun? Who cares! Let them, if they did more than SURF, SWEET!!! His eyes are amazing...mmmmmmm how could you NOT want to stare into them all day and dance close!!! GO ASHLEY!