Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jackson Rathbone Produces a Girlfriend

In a recent interview with MTV, Jackson revealed his new project; producing an indie film by the name of Girlfriend.

“I’m actually producing my first film this year called ‘Girlfriend,’” he says. “New director Justin Lerner kind of made a splash at a couple festivals last year with a short film he did.”

Justin Lerner is a UCLA film school grad, who has been featured at numerous film festivals, including Sundance. Jackson wouldn't reveal any plot points, but did have this to say about the film:

“It’s an exciting time. I get to play a part in it and have a little bit more say behind the scenes, behind the camera, which is really interesting. It’s what I’ve always really wanted to get into. I love film. I love the art behind it.”

He is quickly setting himself up as a triple threat; actor (his latest projects include The Last Airbender, Lords of Chaos, and of course, New Moon), musician (check out the 100 Monkeys website!), producer and director. Whew! And even with all that burgeoning talent, he remains humble and thankful.

“I wake up everyday and I just thank God I’m alive and get to do this,” Jackson gushes. “It’s incredible.”