Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Robert Pattinson not looking too happy arriving on the set of Remember Me

After being chased yesterday Robert Pattinson arrived to the set of Remember Me less jovial but focused. Now I know some people think the swarm of fans was OK and think it was cute to be so zealous. But let me tell you it was just plain WRONG!! I saw this post on Celebrity Gossip I was simply floored.
The insider revealed that Mr. Pattinson was wigged out yesterday when he encountered a plethora of fans and shutterbugs on his way into work. “You could tell it was all starting to get to him, especially the hecklers. He’s been as friendly as possible to everyone; he even nicely brushed off a swarm of girls trying to get a picture with him, but after all the commotion, he needed to take a break for some personal time.”
“He sat down by himself, put his head between his legs and took a few deep breaths. But after that, it was right back to work — very professional.”
Pattinson didn't sign up for the crazy part of entertainment. Its one thing to be followed by photogs but its another to get mobbed. Has anyone not listened to him when he said he's afraid someone is going to kill him? Did those people really think it was cool just grab him and damn near put him in a head lock? This isn't MMA people, this is a guy who just wants to act in films. Yeah he's hella HOT but he's still effing human. Do you know the real sad part?....this isn't the first time, just the first time it was caught on tape. And still tries....
*step off soap box*
Source: Celebrity Gossip


  1. Wish he'd shoot a movie here in soCal.

  2. Ha, you're not the only one that needs to step off! LOL! The guy will end up being a recluse with rabid fans like that. Get a grip!

  3. I dont blame him for seeming less than thrilled to be on set today after all the chaos yesterday. Saw the pic of him sitting with his head between his legs just chilling...poor bb.

  4. It makes me sad and I do think he will become a recluse.
    So sad.

  5. Great! Way to go stupid ass bitches! Ok, all I'm going to say is that I hope Karma comes kick you "sqaw in da nuts"! Really......when you are walking down the street one day and someone decides to violate you and your space and then you feel so scared and stressed that it just fucks you up for time to come......I'm just saying KARMA, ladies, no I mean SKANKS....Karma....

  6. How miserable for Rob to go to work for the fans and they attack him? What's with that? If anything happens to him I will grieve for him, how about you skanks?