Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rob Hires His Own Security

...because Summit is FAIL.

In a statement released today, Summit had the following to say regarding Rob Pattinson's continued harassment on the set of Remember Me.

"Robert Pattinson is fine. The reports are exaggerated, and the accident was not caused by fans. Production continues."

I'm sure it was not as dire as it was made to sound - hello, people get clipped by cabs in New York constantly, and obviously he is fine - but I am calling bullshit on the not being caused by fans thing. Tensions are high, and I'm sure he is freaking the hell out.

"We're taking it as it unfolds," says a source deep within Summit, who, for the moment, declined to release any official statement on Pattinson's personal safety during filming. "Security has been increased," adds our in-the-know insider. "But there's no grand plan."

Excuse me? No grand plan? HE IS YOUR MONEY MAKER, SUMMIT. A money maker who happens to be terrified of crowds and is paranoid that one day he may be stabbed. Do you not think it is within your best interest to keep him protected? Not only in the physical sense, but it has got to be mentally exhausting to be subjected to this kind of harassment day in and day out. And let's be honest - how well can he work, how well can he focus on getting into character when he is constantly subjected to the screams from rabid fangirls?

This is not ok.

According to People online, Rob has now arranged for his own private security in addition to the five bodyguards Summit has provided. I realize the nature of this movie requires filming in public locations, but somehow other production companies seem to be able to keep their actors safe. Pretty sure I've never heard of Brad Pitt being mobbed by fans while filming.

The problem is two-fold. First, Rob's fans need to stop being idiots. I really do not understand the mentality of the people camping out on set day after day, and screaming whenever they get a glimpse from him. You love him so much right? Well, as Kyla713 and the RPattz Mamabear Foundation so eloquently stated, if you love him - LEAVE HIM ALONE. He is a NORMAL person, and the normal rules of conduct apply.

Hey, you exuberant 'fans' in New York... yer doing it wrong.

Secondly, Summit needs to get their heads out of their collective ass and get this boy some security. Obviously whatever they've "beefed up" is not sufficient. GET IT IN GEAR, DOUCHEBAGS.


Sometimes I just want swaddle him in bubble wrap and put him in my pocket.



  1. Excellent idea, WW! He needs to hire The Sisterhood for his security detail, we'll keep him safe!

  2. I'm so confused by this whole thing. People in NYC see celebrities ALL THE TIME. No one cares. These girls are just absolutely insane.

  3. I agree LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! I thought NY was the place people went to hide?! At least here in LA he knows fans won't get stupid and jump on him.

  4. I said it before and I'll say it again...I'll bring the bat!! We are Sisterhood hear us ROAR!!!

  5. I got the land to um well you know....

  6. thank you for the link, biter! i will blog that tomorrow.


  7. TwiDipShits! Thanks for placing a BAD STIGMA on fans! Damn morons.......remember, and I'll keep saying it bitches....Karma......hope you never are walking down the street at night and someone makes you feel vulnerable........pray.......

  8. for Rob, filming in NYC right now was a bad idea, as popular as he is.