Sunday, May 31, 2009

There's still time to vote for Twilight!!!

Are you still voting? If you don't already know this, voting for Best Movie is still open until the beginning of the live show for the MTV Movie Awards. So click until your hearts content and lets give Twilight that last extra PUSH!!

Twilight and cast members are up for 7 awards which include, Best Movie - Twilight, Best Breakthrough Male Performance - Robert Pattinson, Best Breakthrough Male Performance - Taylor Lautner, Best Female Performance - Kristen Stewart, Best Kiss - Robert Pattison & Kristen Stewart, Best Fight - Robert Pattinson & Cam Gigandet and Best Song from a Movie - Paramour - Decode (see below, its a FANTASTIC song and a great video!!)

Last but certainly not least the MOST highly anticipated part of the evening (besides seeing our beloved Rob) will be (hopefully) steamy trailer of New Moon. Click here to see the clip yet again...

"It's my birthday," says Bella (Best Actress nominee Kristen Stewart) as she pulls up in her iconic truck. "Can I ask for something?" Considering her words carefully, Edward looks at his true love. As the music swells, a close-up on KStew reveals her big line: "Kiss me." To the delight of a million Twilighters, Edward Cullen obliges her with a deep smooch that could very well be nominated for next year's Best Kiss award. And then, Bella punctuates the point by taking their forbidden relationship to the next level. "I love you," she says, closing out the clip. heart is pounding yet again, I don't even have to watch the clip. I don't know how I'm going to make it to November.

The MTV Movie Awards will air TONIGHT 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 7PM Mountain, 6PM Pacific ( I think that should cover it!)

Please please PLEASE ...don't forget to keep voting for "Twilight" <<<---YES THATS THE LINK!!! CLICK ON IT!!! Source

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