Tuesday, May 19, 2009

100Monkey Video: Thank You!

This is our 400th post for the Twilight Sisterhood!

I'm having the time of my life blogging and I know my fellow bloggers feel the same. In January the TS member encouraged me to head out to the 24K Lounge to hear Jackson Rathabone's band play. What they didn't know the frenzy that sparked inside me. From that night on I went to as many 100Monkeys shows. I have way too many videos and pictures. I went from being a Twilight/Jackson Rathabone fan to being a serious fan of 100Monkeys purely for the music. I think Ben Johnson, Ben Graupner and Jerad Anderson are very talented musicians and with Jackson in the mix they create a unique rock sound.

With it being our 400th post I would like to dedicate this to our many readers around the world. 100Monkeys sometimes play a song called THANK YOU! So again THANK YOU TO THE TS Readers!


  1. Mmmm...Jackson is such a freaky, naughty boy! Is is just me or does Jerad look a bit like a blond Peter?

  2. Oh, sorry I got a bit sidetracked with that sexy video, but I wanted to thank all of our readers, our House Mothers, Sisters and my fellow bloggers and of course Stephenie Meyer and the cast of The Twilight Saga...without all of you none of this would be possible! {{hugs}} & smooches

  3. Dear Plaine,

    My beloved sista!! Thank YOU for all that you have done for the TS!!!! All of you do a great NO EXCELLENT job with the BLOG and I appreciate all of you!!!

    Congrats on our 400th Blog!!

  4. Nessa don't make me cry!! Thank you for creating this place to live out my blogging dream!
    I wouldnt be able to handle it without my fellow bloggers!

  5. Damn I think we will need a group hug or something! LOL!