Monday, May 25, 2009

Cannes Hook-Up Rumor Debunked

Normally Lainey let's her hate flag fly when it comes to Rob and Twilight in general, but lately she has been his most valiant supporter. I don't expect it to last, but I am glad she is has enough journalistic integrity to call BS when she sees it.

Zoe has reported for the Daily Telegraph and the Mirror and can get smutty and scandalous when the story takes her there. She was there. That night at amfAR. And you know she was watching. She was watching and she saw Robert Pattinson pretty much on his best behaviour. And no Erika at all.

Zoe wrote to me today:

I met Robert at the actual AMFAR party (that’s where this pic was taken). He was completely sober and moaned he wasn’t having fun, but in the photo he looks a bit tipsy. I could have written a caption under it saying he looks drunk and was flirting with me but the fact is he wasn’t drunk but has weird eyes and he has no time to flirt!

Zoe further reinforces the inaccuracy of the hookup rumor on her own blog:
Robert Pattinson is looking for fun

Good news girls – Robert Pattinson is officially single.

I waltzed over for a little flirt as soon as I saw him at the AmFar charity dinner in the exclusive Hotel du Cap in Antibes.

After warming him up by telling him he is the second best looking vampire in the world, (because Brad Pitt was in Interview With a Vampire), we had a long chat about all matters of the heart.

I just wanted to eat Robert up / snog his face off when he told me: “I haven’t had a girlfriend in ages. I’m not very settled at all. I’ve spent every night of the last six months in hotel rooms around the world. I haven’t been back to my parents house in six whole months.There is no way a girl would put up with that.”

Uhhhh, HELLOOOOO – I’d give it a damn good shot and I’m sure many other girls would consider it. [*waves hands obnoxiously* ME! Oh, me! Pick me!]

But Robert added: “I don’t even find time to meet anyone. If I’m not working then I am doing interviews and if I am not doing interviews then I am attending corporate and charity events where I have to be on my best behaviour to stop photos getting out.

“Basically, I don’t have time for fun. It’s 2am now and I am getting up about 5am to go to Rome for five days. Then I’m going somewhere else and then to LA. I’m filming another Twilight that will be released this year and next year I should have three movies out.”

At this point, I was starting to think he was a bit of a moaner until he looked me in the eyes with his full-on glare and I tried not to swoon as he said: “I seriously need to party! I’m just worried that if I start partying I won’t stop as it’s been so long. What can I do?”

Given that he had to get a flight the next day, I told him that the best option would be to get some sleep. He’ll thank me for it in the long-term and remember me as I bet many girls don’t tell him that.

My heart bleeds for the boy, it really does. His entire life has been hijacked by a role that he took on a whim; he never expected fame of this magnitude. Poor boy can't even walk down the street to pick up some new underpants without being swarmed by fans and photographers alike. It has to be completely unnerving for him.

Not to mention, he is 23 and deserves to go out and party all he wants. I'd like to add, for the record, that I would be more than happy to host that party. Rob, are you listening? Call me. I've got some Heineken and tequila. Let's do this.



  1. K, I still don't buy it based on the piping of his tux in the pics, but whatever...

    Anyway, I would gladly "party" with him and it could be out little secret. He wouldn't even have to stop. LOL!

  2. I know, I'd even break my unspoken camera at all times rule for him. I just want him to be happy. Rob, are you hearing this?

  3. Umm WW if he takes u up on the party let me know. I am soooo there with u sister! Dont you DARE party with out me!!!