Monday, May 25, 2009

Rachelle LeFevre talks Victoria, Hollywood & Honey

Rachelle LeFevre is absolutely stunning gracing the pages of this month's Modern Dog magazine! ...and her little dog, Honey, ain't half bad either! You can check out their site for the full interview and more pics, but here a some highlights.

MD: How would you describe Victoria?
RL: She has been described as evil. But I don’t see her as evil at all. Nature is about a food chain, and she is just at the top of the food chain. Nature doesn’t have those moral applications. It comes down to instinct. And eating something…there’s no malice in it. I just see her as really powerful.

MD: In terms of filming, you’ve appeared on series like CSI: NY, The Closer, and How I Met Your Mother. What do you enjoy about these stints?
RL: I know people who don’t enjoy doing them. And definitely having to go from one job to the next is harder than having a steady job—that’s true in any business. But for me, I’ve never felt that way. I love it. I find it really liberating. Because the truth is, rarely are you the central storyline. So that pressure to carry it is not on you. You still have to do a good job—you still have to bring it. But there is a freedom where I can try new things. And you get to work with the most incredible actors. Neil Patrick Harris? Watching him work…I learned so much that week.

MD: And now for the most important question: Who would play Honey in the movie of her life?
RL: Unfortunately, she’s passed away now, but it would be Katharine Hepburn. Honey has all these little quirks and she will let you know: “I can do cute, funny, and sweet, but don’t mess with me.” In the same way that Katharine Hepburn—all petite and dainty—might have barked at a bigger dog. Katharine seemed so fiercely independent and Honey will cuddle with you, but she is not needy. She wants you to know, “I’m going to take care of me.”


  1. She looks beautiful!! OMG!!

  2. Agreed. She's just purely stunning in these photographs.

  3. Rachelle is unbelievably gorgeous. She reminds me of old Hollywood stars; all that understated glamour.

  4. eclipse can't waitMay 7, 2010 at 9:06 PM

    she is amazing!!!!!!! she is a great role model!

  5. What do you think about Rachelle LeFevre not being in Eclipse?