Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taylor Lautner stays grounded

Many people in Hollywood are immature jerks. It doesn't matter how old they are they all have some form of issue that makes them think their crap don't stink. But one person I don't get that vibe from is Taylor Lautner. I know there are some people who grumble about the fact he will reprise his role of Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga: New Moon with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

When Hollywood and some Twi-Hards told him he wasn't good enough he proved us wrong by saying hell yah I'm good enough and let me show you why. Now all that praise could go to some people's head but again not Taylor. He seems like the most grounded young actor around.

I found this article on

Taylor admitted that spending time with his family helps keep his feet on
the ground.
He said "I'd probably just say spending time with the family and
with my busy schedule I always manage to be with my family, have family games, family dinners, and that just really helps.
"I still have my chore list... take out the garbage, mow the lawn, oh yeah." He was also asked what good thing and bad thing has happened since Twilight came out.Taylor said: "There are so many good things, it's hard to narrow it down to one. The travelling, I've travelled the world.
"Tokyo, Sydney, I got to travel to like every city in the United States so it's been really cool travelling the world and getting to meet all the fans.
"What you find out is that they're all super similar, they're all really dedicated, passionate fans and you just realise that wow we have some fan support. That's probably been the biggest perk.
"The worst thing? It's hard, I'd probably say how busy I've been because I haven't had that much time to see my family a lot, see my friends but at the same time I've been having so much fun being busy and hanging out with the cast and everyone."
"I don't mind it (paparazzi photographers), you just carry on with what you've got to do. It's not that bad."


  1. He seems to be such a great young man that is really coming into his own. I'm glad he won the part of Jacob in New Moon again. He worked his ass of and even had to screen test and everything again, so kudos to him for proving he has what it takes.

  2. I love him. He is so talented and sweet. I am so glad he is Jacob.

  3. He's sweet, and dedicated. I think he'll do a wonderful job in New Moon. From the first moment I saw him on screen in Twilight I thought he embodied the Jacob from the books perfectly; so good-natured and fun.

  4. Yeah, yeah, whatever, whatever...

    ~Imma Hader

  5. wow!!! he is SO hot!!!!!!! i didnt even read the article. i was just looking at da picture