Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rob: Footloose and Fancy Free

It has just been announced that Chace Crawford will be reprising Kevin Bacon's role in the upcoming Footloose remake, and apparently some fans are disappointed that the role did not go to Rob. One fan told MyParkMag, "I'm gutted Rob isn't going to be in Footloose. It would have been great to see him in a musical for a change. He would have proved to the world that he is a better actor than Zac Efron and the rest of the High School Musical lot."

Another fan lamented, "Rob is such a talented singer that I was hoping he'd be in the musical because I love hearing him sing."

Personally, I feel that Rob can do SO much better than a silly role in an 80's remake. He is leagues beyond the likes of teenage stars Efron and Crawford, and I am glad he has decided to focus on more serious roles. His talent should not be wasted on throw away projects; it would be a sure-fire way for him to be pigeon-holed in the teen movie genre. We know his potential stretches far beyond that.

Plus, while I'm sure it would be all kinds of adorable to see, I am fairly certain that Rob cannot dance.



  1. I agree, WW, his acting ability far exceeds the likes of other young Hollywood stars and thankfully that is allowing him choose much more wisely than them as well. Yes, Rob's voice is mindblowing and maybe, just maybe, he can dance, but his overall talent is in a league of it's own.

  2. WW I so AGREE!!
    Rob doesn't need to do that cheesy remake, he's so much more talented.

  3. Boy, so what if he wanted to do it? Would it be so bad?? Geez, but in any case, I just CAN'T see him in that role....I wouldn't mind him doing a fun project if that was something he wanted to do! WW....::shakes her head:: I like musicals and REMAKES....ya betta calm down gurl!