Thursday, May 28, 2009

'TwiLite:A Parody' Pokes Fun at Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight'

TwiLite: A Parody has recently been released by author Stephen Jenner. Although I, myself, have not yet read this book, I'm looking forward to it based on Amanda Bell's review and the content of Mr. Jenner's website.

Amanda has this to say about the 165 page book that parodies Stephenie Meyer's Twilight:

Initially flustered by competing urges to either slap Jenner in the face or to award him some sort of medal for hilarity, a few lingering reminiscent laughs have led me to the resounding conclusion that Twilite is, indeed, quite a good read for fans of Meyer’s series (that is, those with an elastic imagination and a daft sense of humor).

The first few pages, to say the least, are disorienting. Twilite submerges the reader, without pause, into the zany world that is Sporks, Washington – a droll place, for sure. Propelling the characters into virtually unrecognizable beings, at times, Twilite takes the Twilight fan out of his or her zone of comfort and thrusts him or her into the life and mindset of the less-than-stellar Stella Crow as she pursues the very weird Edweird. The plot mirrors the story in Twilight (albeit loosely), but the Twilite journey is quite distinct. Once past the initial shock of the cataclysmic distinction between, say, the Cullens and the Sullens, the book is a snort-wrenching laugh-fest.

Jenner's site is a hysterical must visit, filled with exerpts from the book such as this "First glimpse of Dr. Carpile Sullen, M.D.":

“Is she…dead?” asked Dr. Carpile Sullen, visiting surgeon at Sporks Community Medical Hospital. Dr. Sullen had just entered my hospital room, carrying a clipboard and a book of Mad Libs.
I sat up from my bed and put down the New York Times bestseller An Idiots Guide to Vampires and Werewolves. I looked up at the doctor, feebly forcing a smile on my face.
“I kid, I kid!” He blurted out, laughing so hard that his copy of Cracked Magazine flew out of his hand. “Hey, you don’t get an honorary medical degree from Sporks Community College Correspondence Medical School and Male Modeling University without developing a sense of humor.”
Dr. Sullen then pivoted around to examine himself in the full-length mirror attached to the closet door. He pouted his perfect plump lips, ran his hands through his brown, wavy hair, admiring his perfectly tanned complexion. He adjusted his Speedo under his cotton shorts, and ran his hands up and down his freshly shaven, ultra smooth legs. He smiled and winked at his own reflection. He was looking oh-so-fine, and he knew it. What was most puzzling to me, though, was why he was wearing shorts in the winter.

Make sure you stop by Jenner's TwiLite site to read the rest of the book's exerpts and to purchase the "book you can sink your teeth into" for $11.65 via Amazon. Also check Amanda's Examiner page for the remainder of her first hand review.


  1. I actually want to read this...sounds funny!

  2. LOL seems funny I will have to check it out!
    Thanks !

  3. Carpile Sullen?!?!? Oh hell nah! I gotta read this $h1t!! LMAO!

  4. ahahahaha... i love that they called them 'sullen.'

  5. omfg this book is a must have, i repeat a MUST HAVE!!!
    i mean comon' it seem haliriouse!! i read the couple of first pages and its funnyeh, YAKOB BROWN!!! IS STILL MY LOVE!

  6. If you would like to read a more original parody, check out:
    This parody (from which Jenner "borrowed" a few details like the title and character names) more faithfully follows the spirit of the Twilight series. Would love to know how you think the two parodies compare. (And, unlike Jenner's, this one's free.)

  7. evansmommy -- I assure you that Jenner "borrowed" nothing from the scribd TwiLITE parody you cited. In fact, I'm 100% certain that Jenner purposely avoided reading any Twilight parodies found on the internet to ensure that everything in his book was his original idea, and not 'borrowed.' PS - Why am I talking about myself in the 3rd person?