Monday, May 25, 2009

Kristen's Message to the Paparazzi: F-ck You Very Much

Kristen was photographed smoking on a rooftop in Rome with Ashley Greene this afternoon, and apparently had enough of the photographers' intrusion. She had this to say:

I for one don't blame the girl. She gets a bad rap for being ungrateful for her fame, but I see it as her just being uncomfortable with all the attention. She's just as awkward as Rob... just in a more abrasive way. *shrug* Either way, I would not want to live in her shoes right now. Imagine not even being able to relax and have a conversation with a friend without having your picture taken. Very unnerving.

The rest of the photos can be seen here, as well as in this hilarious fan-made video set to Lily Allen's F-ck You Very Much.



  1. As much as she gets on my nerves I think there are days when its simply irritating. I mean i wouldnt want to be photographed when I'm having a pms moment.

  2. Way to go girl, I can't imagine how insane her life must be, I wish they would give them all some breathing space and lay off on their down time when they obvicouly don't want to be seen.

  3. I'm not a huge Kstew fan (surprise!) But I really do feel for these guys. They all have virtually NO privacy at all. So I say so what if she gives him the bird! Way to go Kristin! Good moxy, enjoy your ciggy.

  4. Well, not only are we all intruding on their lives daily, but who knows what those jackass paps are yelling at them. I know I'd tell you all to eff off, too, so good for you Kris!

  5. Oh No?!? Is she the first one in history to bust the infamous 'bird'?!! That's right girl, I'm not your biggest fan, but $h1t you even need a break and blow off steam!! F-U Papz!

  6. they shouldnt smoke!!!