Saturday, November 14, 2009

Twilight Sisterhood New Moon Red Carpet Premiere Camp Out: Day 3

Well, it’s day 3 for the gals from the sisterhood that are camping out for the New Moon red carpet premiere!
Last night the sisterhood were interviewed on the local Channel 4 NBC news, where they expressed their enthusiasm for the red carpet and also spoke about their dedication to the saga!

Having been camping out since Thursday night, along with a hundreds of
other dedicated fans, sure hasn’t been easy – there’s the cold to deal with, the hunger, having to take shifts to go shower, whistling pedestrians in the early morning, rowdy teenagers at night and some even had to tag out to go to work yesterday and then come back – but their hard dedication has already had some pay off, when last night they were surprised with a special visit from Alex Meraz, Paul from the wolf pack!

Late last night Alex Meraz sent out a Twitter message saying that he heard fans were already camping out and that he was going to swing by and say hello! Needless to say it sent all the fans into a frenzy while they waited for his arrival! When he did arrive, he was charming, and willing to take pictures with everyone and give autographs! Come on Cullen’s – don’t let the wolves steal all your fans – go say hi to the sisterhood!

Are you in the neighborhood or planning on joining the camp out? Drop by and say hello to the sisterhood, bring them coffee, or even a much needed Wisp and while you’re there make sure to make a donation for the Fandom Gives Back charity benefiting Alex's Lemonade Stand!


  1. It's been so much fun out here even with the rowdy ppl! No sleep but I hope to do the sisterhood proud!

  2. how long is the line right now?

  3. I'm so jealous of you guys. I hope you all have a fan-fuck-tabulous time! I'm there with you guys in spirit...

  4. Did it feel dangerous at all?? and how many days did you camp out--- three?? please reply!
    thanks! my email is: