Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twilight Sisterhood @ the New Moon Premiere

Hey everyone! As you know a few members of Twilight Sisterhood camped out for the New Moon Premiere. Thankfully we were in the first 50 of 750 people. After 5 days, 4 nights, no sleep, dry skin, dead cell phones, bathroom scrambles, media circus, loud frat UCLA students, and endless questions its safe to say it was worth it to be at the Red Carpet event.
The sad part is my camera was angry and died towards the end of the event so not as many pics as I'd hoped. I did have a fangirl moment when Stephanie Meyers came through the line.....don't want to tear up, but she's a sweet and wonderful person and happy to have met her!
But I hope to get some from the other TS members so we can post them for you! Until then....Enjoy....some are drool worthy!
This man needs no Introduction.....he plays Edward Cullen, he is.....
ROBERT PATTINSON!! Talk about fuckhot! Geez! His lips, his eyes, his smile....yeah I nearly lost it when he ran his fingers through his hair.

He tried to sign everything he could possibly get his hands on in the little time he had. He was all smiles for the fans, I guess trying to figure out why we camped out. The answer is simple....cause you're fucking AWESOME!!

Ok, I'm eating crow.....Kristen Stewart was very nice, very sweet.....((gulp)) and very, very pretty (still thinks she needs a burger and a nap!) but still pretty girl with strange hair. Loved her dress, and the shoes were to die for!

Taylor Lautner being sweet as can be!

Kellan Lutz looking FuckHot as always. Those eyes, that smile....makes MELT!!
Ashley Greene
Me and the Gorgeous Nikki Reed!
Chris Weitz
Peter Facinelli, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Not long after Peter tweeted about being at the DMV, he drove by on his motorcycle to see who camped out for the New Moon premeire. He smiled and waved to the masses.... I <3 PETER!!!

Nikki Reed blurry
Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Jennie Garth

Xavier Samuel, Okay if you're read some of my blogs while Xavier was filming Eclipse you know that I developed a crush the Australian hottie. So yes I did a dance and a howl when I saw him and screamed his name till he came over and got a picture!
Daniel Cudmore

Chaske Spencer is one HOT mofo! He has that commanding presence that stole my heart and made me a blubbering idiot by saying " Damn you're tall! Nice" yeah he does that to me!
Elizabeth Reaser, Esme. This woman is simple GORGEOUS! She has the cutest shape, the nicest friends, and was great to the fans. I've loved her since her Grey's Anatomy days.
Justin Choi
Micheal Welch


  1. Tammy--those are fab pics ..I love your story!! Glad you returned 'normal' fan to our name!!!LOL!

    You looked fab in the pics too by the way!!!!

  2. OH WOW. I am so jealous hon, you have no idea. I bet those 5 days were worth every minute. Though from just doing a 1 day wait at the Return of the King preimere I truely admire your dedication to be there FIVE days. Did you go with mates? Was Jackson not there? Damn I wish he got a bit more coverage. *sigh*
    Thanks for all these great pictures, bet your memories of this will last FOREVER

  3. You look really great in the pics, I'm very happy and excited for you, I'd be shaking after a night like that :-) By the way, JD is one of my favourite actor, he looks so handsome and he's always very polite and funny! About Rob? He's really a great guy and I think he'll be a gorgeous man! ;-) Thanks for posting them ^_^

  4. Jackson was there. He did not get nearly as much press as everyone else it seems like. There are some great pics of him at The girl that runs it has links to the few interviews we found with Jackson that were uploaded to YouTube.

    Sounds like you had a blast even if you didn't get to meet my man Jax, Tammy. lol

  5. I've actually met Jackson several times over. I've gone to so many 100Monkey shows its insane. Jackson did not interact with many of the fans on my end. Sadly I lose my mind when Xavier, Kellan and Rob are nearby.

  6. Hey Anonymous thanks for the link for seeing more of Jackson. LOL it's just not right how many hot guys are in this movie. I kinda think I'm hooked on one & then I think about it & am like "no maybe it's.... I like" Tammy you are so unbelievably lucky. 100 monkeys, the premiere WOW!! I'm gonna have to check out who Xavier is *embarressed not to know* I did think I knew most of the characters.....I think I need to change continents, lol

  7. Xavier doesn't show up until Eclipse, bouncy. We know his face because of paparazzi pics while they were filming in Vancouver. It's not a bad face to know. I'm still a Jackson girl though. lol.

    Tammy, you are very lucky to be in the L.A. area to see all the 100 Monkeys shows. They have 3 coming up in the next two weeks. (El Cid this Sunday at 9pm, The Mint at 12pm & Viper Room at 9pm, both on the 29th) Are you going? You should so you can post pics. There are never enough Jax pics! lol

  8. Hey Anonymous, Yes I made it out to ElCid was strange like a dinner theatre place. I was happy to get my Graupner hug.
    I will post some pics tomorrow.
    I plan to check out the viper room show.