Friday, November 13, 2009

Remember Me Pre-Screening

Several lucky people in the fandom got to experience Remember Me before anyone else last night. To say that I am wicked jealous is an understatement (flames, flames on the side of my face) however I am very intrigued by all of their reviews.


Here's the LTR girls' rundown:

It was great seeing him play a character other than Edward! Tyler is definitely NOT Rob playing himself, though there were a few Robisms that made it endearing but I don’t think Rob is anywhere near as intense or ready to throw down like this character is. With a few more edits, fixing a few plot points and shining up the beginning and end, then droping in a killer soundtrack: this will be a really nice film. Sure in the end it’s probably not Oscar worthy but it’s definitely ladies night worthy! Take all your lady friends, your mom, your grandma and NOT your dad and enjoy the many faces of Rob! Intense Rob, Crazy Eyes Rob, Punching Rob, Romantical Rob, Brother Rob, Sexy times Rob, Bust-into- your-dads-board-meeting-and-tell-everyone-to-STFU Rob, yup they’re ALL there! Just don’t forget your tissues and designate your hand holding buddy before you go in.

From Rob Pattinson Life, who tells us like it is:

Let me start off by saying that it was great and refreshing to see Rob play a character who isn't a 107 year old vampire. Tyler is a very complicated and challenging character and I think Rob did great portraying this character. We were able to witness another side of his acting. I am excited for him and can't wait to see evolve in his future projects.

Although, he still has a lot of improving to do. He does this weird thing with his face (maybe it's his acting mannerism) where he looks like he's constipated. Don't you dare tell me that you don't see it cos he does it a lot in Twilight. If you disagree I will gladly point them out to you. I think this is what bugged me the most about his acting. He needs to loose this habit. His American accent was okay. It would change from time to time. I noticed that his British accent would slip a little and I could hear his Salvador Dali accent as well.

The movie overall was okay. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad. If you've read the script you'll probably hate the changes they made in the movie (Again, I'm going to leave the technical stuff for my friend to do). We were told that we were the first ones to screen Remember Me and that the movie was still a working progress. There will be changes made to the movie based on the opinions and reactions they receive at the screenings. I can only hope that in any future screenings for Remember Me...they will find people who will be totally honest with their feelings towards the movie. There were only a few of us that were honest with our opinions during the discussion group. This movie can improve if they are given the right feedback.

Not gonna even try to lie, this movie could be absolute shit and I would still go see it (probably multiple times) just for the simple fact that Rob has three - THREE OMG - sex scenes, one of which angry against the wall smexing.


That's too much for me to even contemplate right now.

I'm... gonna need a moment.

Remember Me will be released nationwide on March 12th, 2010. Let's start stockpiling tissues and shamwows now.


  1. Angry against the wall sex?? Holy sweet jesus...

  2. Oh,dear LORD. I nearly crotchsploded at the mere thought of hot wall sex with teh Pretteh. Um...yea...don't even care what the movie's about. I'm there.

  3. Three?? Three sex scenes? Seriously? totally can't wait. I'm with Kiya...I don't care what the movies about...gotta see it. LOL