Friday, November 20, 2009

The Fandom Gives Back

Today, I am bursting with pride for this fandom.

As we blogged a couple of weeks ago, a group of authors in the Twilight community have banded together to create The Fandom Gives Back as a way to help raise funds to combat childhood cancer in conjunction with Alex's Lemonade Stand.

In just a little over a week, their plea for us to donate in the fandom's name has snowballed into a full on auction with over 170 authors offering up stories as well as donations of autographed memorabilia, crafts, artwork, blog spots, podcasts - anything and everything that could be donated, was. The auction goes through midnight TONIGHT. If you have not yet donated or bid, please check out the full auction listing and auction boards immediately.

In less than a week we as a fandom have raised over $24,919.04.


Amazing. Awe inspiring. I am in tears.

This is not pocket change. This amount, which is only a rough estimate and is rising even as I type this, will make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer. There a multitude of ways this money can be used, one of which is research. Lolashoes, one of the founders of The Fandom Gives Back and a research scientist by trade, had this to say:

It could fund a small research array to identify genetic changes in a type of malignant tumor.

It could purchase enough reagents, equipment, and supplies to conduct an experiment on a novel cell signaling pathway and how it affects tumor development.

It could pay a large part of a graduate student’s salary (sadly enough, ha) as well as travel funds to a meeting to meet other scientists and senior researchers.

It could fund the development of a novel tumor cell line which could be used to screen novel therapies.

It could do any of these things or so many others. The amount that WE have raised TOGETHER is already enough to help impact childhood cancer in a MEANINGFUL and SIGNIFICANT way. I hope you all understand that what we have raised has the potential to be an entire research grant, or to fund a nursing grant to expand on the current care options for sick kids.

Perhaps even more importantly, it’s enough to send an entire family to another city for several weeks while their child receives treatment.

What does $24,919.04 mean to me? It means that maybe someone else won't have to watch their seven year old cousin waste away, their family desolate in the absolute helplessness that cancer fosters. It means that maybe some other child will have the benefit of receiving care at a specialized hospital, whether or not they have insurance. It means the possibility of new drugs and new procedures to prevent and treat this pervasive illness.

It means hope.

What we have done - what we are doing - is nothing short of amazing. My chest is cracking open with pride and gratitude and awe.

We are an amazing group of women.

If you have not yet bid, please register at the forum and take a look around. I guarantee there will be something that you'll like. And if not, you can donate directly at the Fandom Gives Back donation page.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to participate in this effort. Even the smallest donation will instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in you. Be part of something special; contribute to what will surely be this fandom's lasting legacy.

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  1. Oh dear. I'm crying at my desk at work. Thanks for sharing this, T, and know that I wholeheartedly agree with every word.

    THANK YOU LOLA, NINA AND CHRISTINA, for heading this up. Thank you to the fandom for showing me some kind of miracles can actually happen Our unity in this is awe-inspiring.