Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sunday Night with the 100Monkeys @ El Cid

It's been a LONG while since I've seen my 100Monkeys all together so when my friend Jamie sent me text about going I jumped at the chance. We never been to the El Cid which is a hipsters' hangout out we were baffled by the dinner theater dinner set up. Even Jackson said it was the weirdest show, it reminded him of a Texas BBQ took a picture of the audience.
(I'm in dire need of a new camera so many of Jerad came out blurry, which made me a sad panda!)

I just loved this pic! I wish I had a better camera so I could have gotten everyone on stage!
Okay you Jackson fans, satistfied?! He crouched down just for this pic! So drool dammit!

Jackson on drums, while he played I text WearingWords and I think she tried to jump through the phone when I said Jackson was playing drums....could WearingWords have a crush?

I'm not use to Jerad's hair and won't be happy till its all back. Its too soft and pretty to be in a mohawk!

I love Graupner's rockstar sytle!

Ben Johnson is the King of Cool! He doesnt have to say much, he has a presence that's overwhelming. And when he sings I get tingly all over, he owns each song he sings. Okay it's official I *heart* Ben Johnson!!
Now if you're in the Los Angeles Area, the 100Monkeys are playing twice on the 29th. At noon @ the Mint and later that evening @ the Viper Room at 9pm! Get your tickets....wait I better get a ticket too!! If you're coming stop and say 'HI' I'll be at the bar!


  1. could wearingwords have a crush?
    ummm two words: fuck and yes, i most definitely have a crush on mr. dirty hot.

  2. Lol thanks Tammy. My goodness I can't believe you actually get to see these jealous.
    YAY for Jackson pic *swoon*
    Hmm definatly think you need to invest in a better camera though!!!
    *contented sigh* thanks for the fix. Have an awesome week! :)

  3. You need a new camera Tamster! LOL!......Im sorry that was great!! Thanks for the report! Did you wear your costume so he wouldnt know its you?

  4. No, He spotted my ass! I tried to duck but I'm taller than him.

  5. Thank you for posting this, Tammy. I haven't been able to find pics from the El Cid show anywhere else! I always post about wanting more Jackson posts here, thank you. I'm also very much leaning to the Ben Johnson camp though. Great, great voice on that boy and some quiet sizzling sexy too. lol (OK, we'll pretend I didn't write that for people to read. ;)