Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon Sdtrk: Hurricane Bells

Hurricane Bells

If you read my review on the New Moon Soundtrack you know I didn't like most of the songs. 'Monsters' have been on repeat on my ipod for weeks now. Due to me being a grown up with a job I had to pass up a chance for a phone interview but HB was ok with me submitting questions for the TS blog!


Are you Twilight Saga fans? (its ok if you¹re not I won't yell or scream!:))
yes absolutely! but i am a newbie....i have had to catch up. at this point ihave read all 4 books and seen both movies...

Have you read any of the books?

Was 'Monsters' written especially for New Moon or did someone hear it and wanted to add it to the soundtrack?
i had the song written before. i recorded it along with the songs that makeup the hurricane bells record, "tonight is the ghost". at the last moment idecided it didn't fit with the record, and so i left it off, and just a fewmonths later it was picked for the movie.

(Answer this question ONLY if the song was written for New Moon) Was this song written with our favorite vampire Edward or Bella's best friend Jacobthe werewolf?
ha! even though i just answered i am going to have to say edward anyway. i am team edward.

I like the fact that Monsters has a dark undertone with an upbeat tempo, it seems to soften the the blow about things that creep in the night, was this intentional? Or a complete accident?
well it was intentional to have a catchy melody with darker words. i thoughtthey balanced together well, you're singing "situations are critical" butyou're still kinda interested to see why.
You were at the premiere in Los Angeles, what do you think of Twilight fans?
oh i saw them before that! we did some hurricane bells shows on the new moon mall tour. the twilight fans are rabid. but from my perspective it was onlygreat. everyone is so excited, and the movie and the music makes them very happy.

Ok, I could not find a bio on the group so I¹m going to ask a sillyquestionÅ who¹re the members of Hurricane Bells?
ha! i'll have to see about that! the record and song in the movie were recorded entirely by me. i'm steve, and i have also been the singer and guitar player in a band called longwave for almost 10 years. i played everyinstrument and recorded every note on the hurricane bells stuff, on the same laptop i am typing on now.

How long have you been together?
well for the shows i have asked some friends of mine, in other bands, tocome and play. the first live hurricane bells show was in september.

Because there's more to you than the New Moon soundtrack , How would youdescribe your music to new fans?
it's got a lot of heart.

Musical influences?
m ward, daniel lanois, t bone burnett, dave fridmann.

Did you grow up in a musical household?
not really. i learned when i was older that my dad had sung in high school.but i never heard him.

If you could do a duet with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?
hmmm i'm going to say ashen keilyn, who sings live with hurricane bells. shealso has a band called scout that i play guitar in/produce. she is great.

Not only I'm in love with Monsters but 'I Can't Remember' made me cry the first time I listened to it. What was the inspiration of the lyrics?
wow thanks. that was an important song for me. i had that a while and didn'tknow how to record it until i just sang it for kicks with the echo on. afterthat it was the easiest song on the record. as for words, i am not sure ican explain any better here than what i wrote, sorry...

Favorite cover songs to perform?
hurricane bells has just started playing "will you still love me tomorrow",just ashen and i. i have always loved that song, and i thought someoneshould do a guy/girl version.

When are you coming to Los Angeles? (Yes this is a strictly selfishquestion!)
ha! i would guess around february. that is when the HB record will bereleased in a physical form, as it is only available now on itunes/amazon.we will be doing some touring around then.

Again thank you for taking the time to speak with Twilight Sisterhood, as much as we love the Twilight Saga we also love good music and I personally thank you for giving us that.
thank YOU!

How kickass was that?! Go check out Huricane Bells on itunes and myspace!


  1. great job tammy! definitely looking forward to picking up their album :)

  2. Greatness! Seriously, I love when they do the shot of Edward, I know some ppl didnt like it, but HELLO if you think about it, it's what the ladies want AND NOW having the song to it, well extra swoon! True there were only 2 songs that I liked BEFORE the movie came out and by far Monsters was one of them. I wish there could have been a phone interview because there could have been so many great follow-up questions and it definitely makes me want to know more about "Steve". He seems like a very interesing, easy going and fun guy to interview! I want to hear more! Cant wait for the album to come out, and you know this TwiHard will be a supporter.

    **Steve in case you are reading this, THANK YOU on behalf of the Twilight Sisterhood for taking the time to answer some questions for our blog and to our readers!**

  3. Very excited to join "Da Sistahood".

    Here's my bloggy link too!

    The Cougar's Den

    Mama Cougar