Friday, June 12, 2009

Rob’s Bringing Flannel Back! *Yeah!* Another Adventure with A.D.D Cynthia!

*The following events are true! Nothing has been changed to alter the following story you are about to read*

Some of you may remember A.D.D Cynthia who made her debut back in May when I wrote about our adventure at the Convention in Los Angeles.
Last night A.D.D.C and I had dinner outside in the patio enjoying some conversation. Though she is a BIG time Laker fan, she was getting too distracted and needed to unwind a little. Here is what occurred after we finished eating:

ADDC- “Hey lets play a game!”
Me-*laughs internally and says, oh no, here we go* “Ok, what?”
ADDC-“Ok, lets play, ‘What would Rob say?’”
Me-*chuckling* “Oooh kayy”, quirking an eyebrow.
ADDC- “So, either you or I pretend we are ‘ROB’ and the other asks some ridiculous question in a serious manner and then we would answer as if we were ‘Rob’. Here are some examples.”

Some of the questions she asked with a COMPLETELY SERIOUS FACE:
“How was it kissing Cho Chang?”
“When you were fighting the dragon during the competition, what was going through your mind during that task? Was there a moment where you thought, ‘I cant do this?’?
“Rob, I read somewhere that I am a “smart” fan, because I know Hollywood doesn’t impress you, do you agree? Am I smart then?”
“We know you are 90+ years old, during the years you must have learned some impressive dance moves. How did you break it down in the 80’s? Can you show us?”
“Rob, I run this site called,, I have this sharpie and glasses with me. I know that if I draw the lightning bolt on your forehead and you wear the glasses, I CAN make you look just like him. Look this is me *shows him a picture* See? Don’t I look just like him? …Do you accept my challenge?”

These were among some of the questions that I remember, because I was too busy laughing and shaking my head and not believing I was about to engage in this game. A.D.D.C, went first as Rob and I asked my ridiculous question. Like a pro, CynRob answered with full accent and all, all the while keeping a straight face. My line of questioning went on for about 2 minutes, before it was my turn. We took turns for 20 minutes or so and after laughing and being complete goofballs it was my turn again to be Rob, when this happened:

ADDC- “Rob, do you feel that you deserve 25% of profits from flannel sales in the United States?”
Me: *raking my fingers through the top of my head and doing the infamous RPattz mouth* With a horrible attempt at an English Accent, “Actually, I would agree with that statement seeing as how ‘I’m bringing flannel back’ *mind you I said this in the tune of Justin Timberlake’s “I’m bringing sexy back”.
A.D.D.C trying to keep a straight face as the interviewer and me trying to break her, I just busted out in song and dance.
Me- DANCING: “I’m bringing FLANNEL back! *YEAH!* All them boys want to look like a sexy lumberjack! *YEAH* Dirty babe…..I’ll be Brawny man and miiiissss-beeehhhaavvve.”

Um yeah, at that point the "interviewer" and I decided to completely make up lyrics for about half the song , OH YEAH one more thing, we added dance moves and part of our choreography included us pretending to be “lumberjacks” and sawing a tree in half, you know with those HUGE SAWS you use opposite of each other?! Once we were in sync with our movements we kept the song going! WHY? I DON’T KNOW!! All I know is that seriously, who does this? A.D.D Cynthia, that’s who, and she sucked me into it! But let me tell you, NEVER a dull moment when that A.D.D kicks in.
A.D.D Cynthia feels inspired and wants to run her own segment of, “Ask Rob?” She will be more than happy to answer all of your Rob questions!

Trust me, you WONT be disappointed! Email your “ASK ROB” questions to:


  1. Haha...that is some funny shit right thurrr!!! I'll never listen to that song the same again, I'll always envision Rob in flannel..thanks for that! =D

  2. come to think of it... i have purchased an enormous amount of plaid/flannel lately. could my robsession be spilling subconsciously into my fic choices????

  3. uhh... that was meant to be 'fashion' choices. obviously i have something else on the brain.

  4. I <3 A.D.D.CYNTHINA!!! She rocks!!